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June 18, 2015

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Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

Video: Seagate Technologies at IFSEC 2015

Seagate are one of the global leaders in surveillance storage technology and products.

Showcasing their latest products at IFSEC 2015, Larry Lummis director, Consumer Electronics told us: “Our broad portfolio offer purpose-built video surveillance drives that are optimized to improve surveillance system reliability and drive lifespan, reducing security system costs and supporting video analytics”.

“In addition, our 3-year Seagate Rescue service offers disaster recovery solutions, helping our channel partners to increase service revenue, and deliver peace of mind to their customers – the only surveillance drives in the industry to do so,” he added.


Watch Andrew Palmer explain Seagate Technologies services below:

Q. Why buy a Surveillance specific drive, rather than a desktop hard drive?

A high quality and reliable surveillance drive that enhances data integrity, reduces the cost of servicing, and improves overall lifetime in the field.  Unlike other drives, surveillance drives like this one are built to record or write data the majority of the time (90 per cent), playing it back or reading the data only as needed (10 per cent).

Our Seventh-generation Seagate Surveillance HDD addresses the increasing need for high-resolution cameras and camera counts, and ensures cost-effective performance and durability in always-on surveillance systems.

Precision-tuned for high write surveillance workloads operating 24×7, 365 days a year.  Instead a desktop hard drive is built for 8 hours of workload.

Q. What one thing is exciting you most about the industry right now and why?

First of all for the Growth in IP cameras and 4K because these technologies ultimately drive the need for more storage.  The role of surveillance data also becomes even more practical, such as in business intelligence.

As well as, we are glad for Middle East market – which already has some of the world’s largest existing surveillance installations.  It is predicted to grow even more in FY15, driven by a combination of legislation, construction and preparation for major events including the 2020 World Expo in Dubai.

What one thing is frustrating you most about the industry right now and why?

Ensuring customers and partners chose the right drive for the right application like a purpose-built surveillance drive, rather than a standard desktop drive.

Q. What else is on your stand?

Everyone who visits the Seagate stand (F1210) will be entered in a prize draw to win an Apple Watch.  We also have an amazing opportunity for a chance to win a van!

To find out more information about this company, you can visit the website

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