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December 22, 2023


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Security product round up – November/December 2023

IFSEC Insider takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout November and December 2023. This month we cover releases from the likes of OPTEX, Dahua Technology, Eagle Eye Networks, Texecom and Dedrone.

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Intellicene and Oosto

Intellicene partners with Oosto for enhance security software 

Intellicene, has announced a strategic partnership with Oosto, a provider of Vision AI solutions including facial biometrics. The collaboration supports the integration of Oosto’s facial recognition technology within Intellicene’s security software, adding a further offering to the company’s global customer base.

Oosto’s AI-driven technology is said to enhance Intellicene’s Symphia platform’s capabilities, designed to provide an additional layer of protection that can effectively identify, track, and alert of any potential security threats in real time.

Intellicene has invested heavily in R&D efforts with a data-driven approach and this partnership, the firm said, underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. By leveraging Oosto’s facial recognition technology, as part of Symphia FaceDetect, Intellicene hopes to offer more sophisticated, comprehensive, and reliable security solutions to its clients.


New updates for site management software 

Gallagher Security has announced the latest release of their security site management software, Command Centre v9 .

Command Centre is designed to integrate with a wide variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform which manages total site security.

The latest release includes enhanced integrations with wireless access control solutions; Aperio, SALTO and IDEMIA Biometric access control devices as well as KONE elevator systems, plus improvements to the Bulk Configuration Tool.

The Aperio BLE enhancement enables Mobile Connect to be used at both wired Gallagher readers and compatible wireless Aperio readers, providing added convenience to customers as only one credential is required across their site.

Command Centre v9 is designed to enable Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for all supported IDEMIA biometric readers, aimed to enhance user experience with feedback on the text displays. Best practice cybersecurity, the firm said, is enforced with all supported IDEMIA readers having OSDP secure channel enabled by default.

Milestone Systems

XProtect 2023 R3 released for VMS

Milestone Systems has released XProtect 2023 R3, the latest version of its data-driven video management software (VMS). This update builds on XProtect’s open platform technology with new capabilities that are said to increase operational efficiency, collaboration, and provide tighter system control.

It includes an onboarding feature guide in the Web Client which presents operators with information on how the Web Client is structured, designed to help make onboarding of new employees easier and faster.

Users can also now create alarm notification profiles that route alerts to specific operators based on their function. This is designed to prevent alarm fatigue by only sending relevant alarms to each user and helps operators focus on what really matters.

In addition to these features, the 2023 R3 update contains other enhancements, including cybersecurity hardening, improved VMS resilience, and expanded integrations with third-party systems via XProtect’s open API architecture.

XProtect users under current Milestone Care can download the 2023 R3 update at no additional cost.

Eagle Eye Networks and Immix

Networks-Immix integration for professional video monitoring

Eagle Eye Networks announced a technology integration enhancement with central station monitoring software provider Immix, to securely connect any business location using the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) with any central station using Immix.

The integration, the firm believes, brings advantages of cloud, including greatly simplified installation, robust end-to-end cybersecurity, centralized management of multiple locations, and AI-filtering to dramatically reduce false-positive activity to the monitoring center or command center professional.

In addition the integration is designed to save time and money for customers, resellers, and monitoring stations, and makes professional monitoring feasible for more businesses.

The integration of Immix to Eagle Eye delivers timely and accurate information to central station operators and customers alike, resulting in improved situational awareness, response times, and customer satisfaction.

Deployed at hundreds of central stations, security operations centers (SOCs) and alarm receiving centers (ARCs) across more than 40 countries, Immix gives central monitoring station operators the ability to use a single interface to view video events from multiple video and security systems and other technologies.


AI on-site learning camera line launched

i-PRO has announced a new line of cameras that are said to turn non-AI network cameras into AI smart devices. Using AI onsite learning, the new X Series is designed to enable users to teach the camera about specific objects they want to monitor, with support for up to nine AI applications.

The feature to allow customers to add AI capabilities to their existing, non-AI, surveillance cameras, including cameras from other manufacturers, is designed to make them smarter and more efficient. The firm also believes it is a cost-effective solution by improving existing systems.

Cameras with limited AI integration to popular VMSs like Milestone and Genetec are said to be able to achieve complete parity utilising this function and i-PRO Active Guard software.

The on-site AI learning feature is designed to let customers teach the camera about custom objects they wish to identify and search for or track. For example, operators could teach the camera to count forklifts passing through the camera’s field of view to provide new metrics about operational efficiency. A hospital could count ambulances arriving at the emergency room.

The camera is also designed to be able to be taught to recognise a logo on a truck and send out an alert when it arrives at the loading dock. The AI On-site Learning app can even auto-generate multiple training images at different luminance values saving operators valuable time while increasing detection accuracy.

The new X Series includes 16 new camera models including eight bullet cameras, four interior domes, and four exterior domes with 2, 5, and 6MP options plus 4K models.


Professional indoor sensors with detection capability launched

OPTEX has launched FlipX Professional, a new range of Grade 2 indoor sensors, which aims to provide more accurate and reliable detection for both large spaces, and narrow spaces, aimed at commercial and professional sites.

The latest addition to the FlipX series, is designed to protect narrow corridors or long areas, such as supermarket aisles up to 24m, or wide, open areas like classrooms, retail stores and open plan offices up to 15m at 85°. ‘Flipping’ the lens through 180°, the sensors can be utilised to provide both narrow and wide detection in the same unit, designed to deliver enhanced flexibility for installer and end-user alike.

To detect intruders accurately, the pyro-electric sensors have a human-catch element, which is said to improve the device’s detection performance because the sensor adapts to the human shape. Also, the specially designed spherical lens provides consistency across the whole detection field, eliminating weak points for potential intruders to exploit.

FlipX Professional sensors have double conductive shielding to prevent nuisance alarms caused by strong lighting and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

FlipX Professional range is available in two models – FLX-P-ST (PIR only) and FLX-P-DT (dual-technology with PIR and microwave).

Following the launch of the FlipX Standard (Grade 2) and FlipX Advanced (Grade 3) models, the FlipX Professional is the last model in the indoor series.

Hanwha Vision

ISO 27001 Certification announced 

Hanwha Vision has achieved ISO 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001) certification, the international standard for information security, bolstering its internal security management systems (ISMS).

ISO 27001 is the globally recognised standard for information security management systems, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission.

To achieve this certification, a company must pass 93 controls across four categories: organisational, physical, technological, and people controls. Certification to the ISO 27001 standard also requires continual improvement, with regular assessments to ensure compliance with the exacting standard.

Hanwha Vision voluntarily pursued the leading certification to further enhance security across its organisation and harden its cyber defences. As technology rapidly advances and cyber risks rise, the firm believes the latest version of ISO 27001 reflects changing digital trends, such as cloud, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, to offer a standard that ensures comprehensive information security in an increasingly digital world.


SmartCom 4G Communicator upgraded 

Texecom has announced an upgraded version of their SmartCom 4G communicator.

Following a focused program of development, the advanced gateway communicator is now said to benefit from enhanced connectivity across all 4G bands. Signal sensitivity on all the main bands has also been improved increasing usable range from masts in some instances by up to 4 times. A new antenna is also designed to provide a stronger signal for enhanced reliability in any environment where 4G signals are available.

Professional security installers can also benefit from an enhanced algorithm which ensures the SmartCom 4G, designed for them to stay connected in extreme environments.

Installation has been further improved with the introduction of a new QR code configuration, whilst the site-management process has been streamlined through the introduction of a new interface making adding, removing or updating sites easier.


Scalable drones for first responder operations launched 

Dedrone has launched DedroneBeyond, a solution to enable drone operations to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) for state, local, territorial and tribal (SLTT) law enforcement and emergency services when deploying drone as first responders (DFR).

Powered by a computer-vision-enabled, sensor-fusion AI, DedroneBeyond aims to deliver complete airspace situational awareness. This solution is being developed and tested in partnership with others, including Axon Air powered by DroneSense, for safe drone operation, providing an infrastructure, the firm believes, for a positive drone economy to emerge.

To fly a drone BVLOS in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must issue a certificate of authorisation (COA) to the end user. To acquire a COA, an agency must show that its technology can reliably detect other aircraft to prevent mid-air collisions. DedroneBeyond layers Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS–B) detection into Dedrone’s existing premier detection and sensor-fusion technologies, technologies that have placed the company in a global leadership position for airspace security. By using a drone to assess a situation, law enforcement agencies can respond faster and be more resource efficient.

DedroneBeyond joins Dedrone’s suite of smart airspace security solutions, all of which leverage DedroneTracker.AI, the company’s command and control (C2) airspace security platform.

Dahua Technology

Wireless intruder security solution unveiled

Dahua Technology has unveiled a modular, wireless integrated intruder detection and security management system aimed for small-to-medium businesses, as well as in homes.

The AirShield wireless security system uses RF communication technology and cloud services to provide a more flexible, user-friendly and affordable solution for end-users, installers and security companies.

The AirShield also uses a smart hub, which is said to support up to 150 devices, including PIR detectors, PIR cameras, dual-tech detectors with PIR and microwave technologies, keypads and key fobs, panic buttons, door and window detectors, water leak detectors, smoke detectors and sirens. The wireless indoor monitor with touchscreen can be used as an alarm keypad.

AirShield features Airfly 3.0, which is designed to deliver frequency hopping for optimum long-range two-way wireless connectivity and AES128 encryption, RF-HD for faster image transmission and higher image resolution, and Dahua’s Cloud services for more convenient and efficient alarm monitoring and system health.

As the solution is fully wireless it helps to make it easier to install and add or move devices.

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