Cyber Security

The smart buildings report 2017: installed base, benefits and challenges, cyber threat and barriers to adoption

The 10 most costly cybercrimes and data breaches of all time

This infographic, which was put together by The Best VPN, details the 10 most notable cybercrimes by size or significance to occur in the US. Read More

Atos and Siemens to offer cybersecurity tools and services to US utilities and oil and gas sectors

IT services provider Atos is expanding its partnership with Siemens to provide US-based utilities and oil and gas companies with integrated cybersecurity solutions. Read More

Enterprise businesses fear cyber espionage above all else, suggests research

The rising frequency of nation-state and ransomware attacks are seen as a growing risk to the West’s national critical infrastructure, according to new research. Read More

Insecure web interfaces are achilles heel of IoT security defences: cybersecurity CEO

Many vulnerabilities among IoT devices originate from insecure web or web-based interfaces, according to Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge. Read More

Security usually an afterthought in design of IoT devices, says KPMG’s cybersecurity practice

Gadgets and appliances that connect to the internet are not being designed with security in mind, according to global consultancy KPMG. Read More

Hacked robots could spy on owners, rob our homes and attack us

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How to recognise and avoid phishing attacks [Infographic]

This infographic from Digital Guardian shows the common ways scammers try to phish consumers' accounts. Read More

Consumers bank online regardless of cyber security risks, finds new research

Though nearly 12 million people have been victims of financial cybercrime in the UK, consumers will continue to bank online even if they believe they risk becoming victims, according to the study by Equiniti. Read More

Hacked ‘smart teddy’ database of two million personal voice messages lacked even basic password protection – security experts respond

Three cybersecurity experts reflect on the implications of the teddy bear hack and offer their prescriptions for reducing cyber risks in similar scenarios. Read More

Hackers could disable smart lighting grids across entire cities, warns Fujitsu

Businesses have been urged to redouble efforts to boost their cybersecurity resilience with hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated. Read More