Cyber Security

The smart buildings report 2017: installed base, benefits and challenges, cyber threat and barriers to adoption


HSBC voice recognition security system fooled by twins

A security software programmed that HSBC uses to prevent bank fraud has been fooled by a BBC reporter and his twin brother. Read More

Clock starts ticking on GDPR compliance

The rights of EU citizens over how their personal data is used will be strengthened when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect one year from now. Read More

More than half of UK business owners unaware of incoming data protection law

Some 84% of small-business owners and 43% of senior executives of large companies in the UK are unaware of the General Data Protection Regulation. Read More

NHS cyber-attack: cybersecurity experts reflect on the lessons

Several cybersecurity experts have shared with IFSEC Global their thoughts on the implications and lessons to draw from the global wave of ransomware attacks. Read More

The seven security firms that made it onto the FT1000

All but one are based in the UK or Ireland and the list comprises three cybersecurity firms, three integrators and an access control vendor. Read More

Physical security professionals: do you really need to care about cybersecurity too?

In the age of IP systems and the internet of things, physical security systems can act as a doorway into the wider corporate network – with calamitous consequences. Steven Kenny of Axis Communications, offers practical advice on collaborating with the IT department to bolster your defences. Read More

Kitemark standard would be a progressive step towards strengthening IoT security

Rob Norris, VP head of enterprise & cyber security EMEIA at Fujitsu, reflects on the findings of Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report 2017. Read More

Axis Communications download: Protecting your IP camera network

Axis Communications has launched a new campaign to help integrators, security professionals and IT departments strengthen cybersecurity defences through three layers of protection. You can download an e-book with 10 best practices for a healthy network and access the Axis Hardening Guide, which helps you ‘harden’ your systems against attack. Read More

2.5 million annual hacks are just the “tip of the iceberg”

The number of UK businesses attacked by cybercriminals last year is actually much higher than the 2.5 million disclosed in a recent survey, according to an information security expert. Read More

If you can’t beat them, recruit them: enlist young hackers to fight cybercrime, says infosec chief

Young hackers should be encouraged to use their skills to tackle, not carry out, cybercrime, a cybersecurity chief has suggested. Read More