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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
April 22, 2015

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UTC Fire & Security Products: IFSEC/FIREX Exhibitor Spotlight

Stephane Cochard is director of sales for Europe & Africa at UTC Fire & Security Products EMEA.

The company is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, which is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2015, which is co-located with FIREX International at London’s ExCeL from 16-18 June.

Speaking to IFSEC Global about the company’s product portfolio Cochard discusses the demand for integrated solutions versus standalone systems and how they can offer both installers an edge in the market.

IFSEC Global: Hi Stephane. Please tell us a bit about what Fire & Security Products, UTC Building & Industrial Systems does?

Stephane Cochard: We are one of Europe’s largest providers of innovative security solutions for intrusion, video, access control and fire segments. We provide a wide range of integrated systems to serve residential, commercial and enterprise customers via our professional network of distributors, installers and value-added business partners.

We are part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, the world’s largest provider of building technologies, including elevators, escalators, building automation, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), and fire safety and security systems.

intelligent buildings UTCWe are well-positioned to serve all segments with the combined capabilities, talent and leadership of our industry-leading brands including Otis and Carrier, as well as our fire and security brands including Lenel, Edwards and Aritech.

We are able to deliver integrated and customised solutions for our customers across all segments, and accelerate innovation in smart building technologies with sustainable design.

IG: How much demand is there for integrated solutions rather than standalone systems?

SC: We are seeing a growing demand for integrated solutions. A few weeks ago a security consultant in the UK told me that there is a requirement for intelligent building systems in nearly a third of his projects with building developers.

We offer a number of solutions leveraging synergies among systems. For example, last year we launched a series of integrated solutions between our Otis elevator and Lenel access control capabilities. We are proud to pioneer new solutions that look beyond the standard intrusion system connected to a central monitoring station.

In addition, we are enlarging the scope of our Lenel platform to integrate with more Otis, Carrier and other fire and security products.

IG: Are there any challenges to this type of integration, any hurdles to overcome when trying to sell your products and systems?

SC: I would rather say that there is a good opportunity to develop and bring innovative solutions to customers. Our installers and resellers are looking for new ways to differentiate their offers, and integrated solutions help to enable their competitive positioning.

In addition, end users expect enhancements in integration and energy-efficiency. Our customers have been receptive to our web-based solutions that deliver greater control in home security and video surveillance.

The recent consolidation of all of our engineering resources across Europe into one single Intelligent Building Technologies unit will help accelerate our delivery of new integrated solutions.

Our increasingly innovative systems can result in new levels of energy-efficiency, productivity and cost savings for building owners. In addition, our R&D centres across Europe help us ensure regional customisation of our global products and compliance in terms of industry standards and regulations.

IG: Are there any particular types of business or types of buildings that are of particularly suited to what you sell? 

SC: Our wide product and solutions range appeals to an extensive customer base. We have tens of thousands of fire and security installations across Europe, including offices, factories, banks, universities, hospitals, retail stores, government buildings, museums, airports, subways and homes.

Lenel’s leading access control and video solutions is particularly well positioned to optimise security and access control management enabling streamlined integration with third-party solutions. This open approach enables companies to choose the best elements to meet their needs, while helping to protect their legacy investments in access control, video management and information technology.

Today, Lenel solutions are used by Fortune 100 firms, financial institutions, universities and governments around the world.

We also serve small- and medium-sized businesses through our established brands such as Aritech, TruVision and TruPortal™. The new ATS8600 platform offers a security solution with a single interface for facility and security management, integrating fire, video, intrusion and access for the commercial segment.

For the home segment, we continue to address growing residential customer demand for home security solutions that allow real-time monitoring and security control via web-based applications accessible from any device at any time.

IG: What can you tell us about your latest products?

SC: We are continuously investing in new technologies and products. Last year’s acquisition of Ultra High Speed enables us to provide cloud-based services for the European residential segment.

The ZeroWire web-based security platform is designed for enhanced security management capabilities and convenience for residential customers. It offers local and remote home security management – including connected devices – through mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Integrated IP cameras enable homeowners to view live video and replay captured alarm or action-triggered video footage, while its Z-Wave open radio protocol allows them to control Z-Wave connected lights, thermostats and locks.

We will soon launch AdvisorOne in Europe, which is an enhanced home security and life safety system for end users and installers. Already available in the United States, the system offers convenient options for safety and automation and can also be controlled remotely via mobile applications.

Its large 7-inch colour touch screen interface with easy access and customisable functionality acts as a monitor for the home security camera system. AdvisorOne can also provide users with updated news, weather, sports and traffic information.

For the commercial segment, as mentioned, our new ATS8600 Advisor management software provides a single interface for facility and security management, integrating fire, video, intrusion and access capabilities.

It helps security managers to manage and control all of their remote or on site security needs ranging from intrusion and access control to video surveillance.

Another example of technological integration is the Aritech PIRcam®. The PIRcam enables images of alarm events to be sent to a smartphone, providing easy and immediate visual verification of an intrusion alarm. The PIRcam also provides the central monitoring station (CMS) with tools to prioritise events and allocate efforts more efficiently.

In case of an alarm notification, it provides supporting data and images enabling central monitoring personnel to better serve their customers.

For the enterprise segment we offer Lenel Prism, a video management platform with access control and video capabilities. Prism, with its open Internet protocol (IP) video management system (VMS) is based on an advanced, intuitive and operator-friendly user interface compatible with the Lenel OnGuard® solution.

Customers can tailor this solution according to their specific security requirements by integrating capabilities from more than 100 partners of our Open Access Alliance Program (OAAP) which includes nearly 100 OAAP-certified products and more than 300 third-party cameras.

IG: Which countries or regions are you strong in?

SC: We enjoy a strong customer base across Europe. The African continent represents an area of growth, as we are seeing increased demand in the Sub-Saharan region.

IG: What are your growth plans?

SC: We want to be our customers’ first choice in fire and security solutions, and are ready to respond to requirements for energy-efficient solutions in the commercial and enterprise segments and demand for web-based, mobile solutions for our residential segment.

How does the ‘smart buildings’ concept influence your sales pitch?

SC: Our intelligent building technologies approach is the foundation of all we do.

By integrating smart systems and controls, building owners and operators are able to leverage real-time data to optimise performance, maximise efficiency, enhance tenant comfort and save money. Residential customers can enjoy the same type of benefits with their homes.

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