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October 10, 2022


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

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Siemens unveils new digital service portfolio for fire safety

New Fire Safety Digital Services from Siemens enable businesses to move from reactive to proactive fire safety through a cloud-based solution for intelligent safety, according to the manufacturer.

The technology company has launched Fire Safety Digital Services, a portfolio of digital and managed services which connects fire safety systems to the cloud. By embracing digital services in operation, event-handling and maintenance, customers can improve hazard identification and prevention, make better risk-control decisions, protect business continuity, and provide a safe environment for people and assets, says Siemens.

“It’s important to remember that with fire systems, compliance does not necessarily equal safety,” said Brad Haeberle, Senior Vice President, Services, at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “With digital services for fire safety we can go beyond simply meeting fire system regulations, by using data and intelligently applied analytics to fully protect people and assets. Developing smarter protection systems through cloud connectivity reduces the burden on people, eliminates unnecessary interruptions and gives businesses much-needed transparency over their processes, for smoother operation and system availability.”

With a combination of on-site and above-site services, the portfolio delivers remote diagnosis and services which is designed to reduce the impact of troubleshooting and inspections on business activities. Interpreting and translating big data into smart data enables customers to ‘proactively ensure’ system reliability, gain full data transparency for event and incident handling, and can also create safer, more compliant and efficient buildings.

With Fire Safety Digital Services, continuous monitoring of detector soiling levels is designed to ensure all fire detectors are working correctly, preventing environmental and other external risk factors from compromising the performance of fire safety systems. The eLogbook also allows for information regarding events and activities at the panel to be automatically captured and made accessible to both on-site operators and Siemens technicians via the Service Portal. Detailed digital records create tamper-proof and secure data storage for the fire panel history, giving operators data transparency to prioritise future actions and prepare for audits and inspections.

Through Siemens Fire Managed Services, businesses can shift responsibility for maintaining a compliant system to Siemens service professionals and receive recommended actions in the event of an incident. With systems continuously monitored above site, critical issues are addressed, and faults are proactively resolved before they result in system failure, disruption to business or a safety concern, according to the vendor. Managed services also allow customers to improve their operations and reduce budgetary expenditures without additional directly employed staff.

As part of the portfolio, the Sinteso Connect App has permanent cloud connectivity and allows building users, facility managers and service technicians to access fire safety assets, check on live incidents and receive push notifications from their connected sites.

Enabled by DFTtechnology, Disturbance-Free Testing (DFT) uses digital technology as a preventative service to confirm the integrity of fire safety systems. DFT provides regular, frequent and automated functional testing of all DFT-enabled peripherals in the fire system, including reports on detector health condition, automatic analysis of test results and automatic ticket generation if faults are found.

DFT remote detector testing ‘supplements on-site testing’, and enables business to go ‘beyond regulatory compliance’, improving safety levels while ensuring day-to-day operations continue uninterrupted. When on-site testing is required, the remote connection makes it possible to perform a qualified diagnosis of the system ahead of time, allowing any faults to be swiftly corrected.

Siemens’ technology platform is regularly audited for effective protection and continuous improvement, enabling a fully integrated tool landscape for end-to-end service delivery.


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