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Manything Pro upgrade includes OEM solution and alert scheduling

Manything Pro, the cloud video recording and remote monitoring software, has introduced an OEM distribution model for large installers. Developed in response to requests from partners, the Oxfordshire-based company has also released alert schedules, alarm output and camera input features. Read More

AI-powered network camera start-up secures $3m funding to take on “outdated” traditional market

Rhombus Systems, a provider of AI-powered, cloud-managed video surveillance systems, has announced a $3 million seed funding round. The California-based company launched the funding drive to finance an expansion of its sales and marketing department and take on an “outdated” industry in a wider range of sectors. Read More

Eagle Eye Networks execs on the “unstoppable” rise of cloud surveillance

I caught up with Ken Francis, president of Eagle Eye Networks, and Rishi Lodhia, MD for the EMEA region, to find out why they believe the benefits of cloud surveillance are so compelling as to make its dominance all but inevitable. Read More

“People are realising cloud providers have very good cyber protection”: Joe Grillo on Vanderbilt and ACT

Grillo, described as “one of the top security professionals in the business”, reflected on Vanderbilt’s recent wins in the European market, long-term strategy and the merits of one of its recent acquisitions, cloud-based access control developer ACT. Read More

How penetration testing can instill confidence in remote storage

Ethical hacker Andrew Mabbitt puts the case for penetration testing as a means to expose vulnerabilities when you store sensitive data in the cloud. Read More

Biometrics pioneer ZKTeco to launch three new solutions at IFSEC 2018

Biometrics brand ZKTeco is to launch a trio of new products at IFSEC 2018: A fingerprint-activated contactless smart card (BioOnCard), a high-speed facial identification cloud solution (HI-FACE) and a licence-plate recognition system (LPRS 1000). Read More

The rise and rise of the cloud and security-as-a-service

It’s not the business of a startup or a small-medium-sized business (SMBs) to focus on running their security system. This […] Read More

Watch: Is cloud CCTV viable and secure enough for your organisation?

Flexible, remotely accessible and offering disaster recovery, cloud-based storage offers many compelling benefits. But is the model viable for every kind of organisation? And how secure can anything online ever truly be? Read More

New cloud surveillance brand will “revolutionise” fight against fraudulent slip, trip and fall claims, says founder

The threat of litigation and fraudulent claims – many of which are received after 30 days has passed – has resulted in increasing numbers of businesses needing to store their security footage for longer," says Ocucon founder Gary Trotter. Read More

“Would you wait two minutes to retrieve three-month old surveillance footage if it slashed costs by 50%?”

Gabriel Chaher, VP EMEA of sales and marketing at Quantum, tells IFSEC Global about StorNext 6, the latest incarnation of Quantum's multi-tiered storage solution. Read More

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