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James Willison MA, is a recognised International leader in Security Convergence and Enterprise Security Risk Management. In 2020 IFSEC Global listed James #8 in the top 20 Cyber Security Thought Leaders across the world. Shortlisted in Security Serious Unsung Security Heroes Awards 2018, as a Security Leader/mentor. James is Co Chair, Smart Buildings Working Group, Internet of Things Security Foundation and a member of the ASIS International ESRM Steering Committee. He is founder of Unified Security Ltd, a Vidsys consultant, works with AXIS Communications on cyber security and advises on the IFSEC Converged Security Centre.James was awarded the Imbert Prize for an ‘outstanding contribution to the Security Industry in 2011’ for his work on convergence with ASIS Europe and the Information Security Awareness Forum. He has more than 20 years of management experience in the physical and information security industry, including posts as Advisor on Convergence to the Mitie TSM Board, Senior lecturer in Security Management at Loughborough University and Digital Security Expert with the European Union. He has co-authored three White Papers and a series of new articles with Sarb Sembhi, sponsored by AXIS Communications, on ESRM, GDPR and Smart Buildings and Cities’ Security.
June 16, 2018


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

The IFSEC Converged Security Centre: where physical and cyber security people and technology meet – what’s on offer?

Unified Security Ltd is very excited to be working with UBM, Vidsys, Micro Focus and Unisys in the Converged Security Centre at IFSEC this year. But what will you see?

Certainly, a lot of converged technology using AI and the latest cyber security solutions. In addition, leading physical and cyber security professionals will give their independent analysis so that you will have an idea of what a Converged Security Centre might look like and understand how to protect the organisation from complex attacks.

Sarb Sembhi (CISO Virtually Informed) and I have, for the last decade, promoted cross functional teaming and collaboration between the physical and cyber security areas in articles and conferences, including IFSEC since April 2010. Last June, Gerry Dunphy, IFSEC’s Brand Director, shared with me his vision for something different and I was delighted to see that it was in line with what we had been recommending to organisations. It is his passion which has really helped this happen and we are very pleased to be working with him and his team on this.

What we agreed should fill the gap that other shows are not was to make it much more visual and immersive so that the visitor could actually see something like a cyber attack on a CCTV system.

We knew that a few leading organisations and governments have this kind of capability, but it isn’t something familiar to most. However, we agreed that it would be a step forward to showcase this and we approached a few leaders in the field of security incident management to see if they could help. We were delighted to gain the interest of Vidsys who have formed partnerships in the last year or so with Micro Focus and Unisys which enable them to provide a converged technological response to the cyber and physical incidents that face our security teams. We have been working closely with them and the team at IFSEC since October to develop the Centre as you will see it.

Hence at IFSEC we can show a variety of converged security scenarios in simulated real time.

What will happen at the IFSEC Converged Security Centre

Each day, Sarb or myself will chair two different topics which will run twice, alternately, lasting 30 minutes. We will introduce the concept and the team from Vidsys (Phil Stockham VP Operations EMEA and Kris Heath, Global Solutions Architect, Product Managent) and Micro Focus (David Humphrey CTO IDOL) or Unisys (Tim Hobbs, Physical Security Lead) will present the scenarios on two 75 inch screens and show how the combined technologies identify incidents and automate a fast response.

Micro Focus will show how AI and m to m learning integrates with the Vidsys platform. Unisys will demonstrate how cyber security solutions can integrate with the Vidsys platform so that physical systems are protected.

What is good to see is the collaboration across the cyber and physical security space that can be enabled by the technologies. We are delighted to be joined in each panel by a recognised security leader in the field of security management and we are very grateful for their help and support. We will ask the invited guest speaker to comment on what has been shown and conclude with a Q & A time with the audience.

We have space for around 40 people and we hope some passers by will stop to listen in too! So please arrive early as there has been a lot of interest in this on social media with thousands of views of the recent posts.

Keynote address

On Tuesday, Sarb and I are delighted that we have been invited to the IFSEC Keynote Arena where we will meet Frank Gardner (OBE) at 16.15 to take part in a panel discussion with James Chong (CEO, Vidsys) in which we will outline the benefits of The Converged Security Centre for the Digital world and then hear from James Chong who will share how the newest cyber physical security technologies can achieve converged security resilience.

On Thursday we will make our way to the Keynote Arena where we hope some of you will join us, Barrie Millett, Prof. Paul Dorey and Steven Kenny for a panel discussion at 11.00 on “Surveillance, security and privacy in IoT – questions for the enterprise, answers from their suppliers”.

Daily programme

Tuesday 19th June, 10.30 and 14.00

How can a Converged Security Centre use Big Data Analytics and Physical Security Systems to manage situations at major events like the World Cup and Super Bowl?

This session will provide a highly knowledgeable response to that. This combined with Micro Focus’ AI and ability to analyse massive volumes of data to ensure the security operator sees the risks will provide a fascinating view on how large events can be managed in a fast moving and dynamic environment. These sessions will be chaired by James Willison, MA MsyI, Founder, Unified Security Ltd.

Partners: Vidsys and Micro Focus

Guest speaker: Steven KennyIndustry Liaison – Architecture & Engineering, Axis Communications

Tuesday 19th June, 11.30 and 15.00

The Convergence of Physical and Cyber Security  – What does it mean for your organisation?

The session will explore the issues of cyber security of physical systems and the technology of Unisys combined with the Vidsys platform and show how cyber incidents impact these and how they can be managed by a single centre. These sessions will be chaired by Sarb Sembhi CISM, CTO & CISO – Virtually Informed

Partners: Vidsys and Unisys

Mike Hurst CPP, HJA Fire and Security Recruitment,  ASIS International UK Chapter

Mike Hurst CPP, HJA Fire and Security Recruitment,  ASIS International UK Chapter

Guest speakers: Mike Hurst CPP, HJA Fire and Security Recruitment,  ASIS International UK Chapter at 11.30, and Alan Jenkins,former ASIS UK, Cyber Convergence Lead at 15.00.

Wednesday 20th June, 10.30

How Can Converged Security Centres enable smart transportation?

The session will show how incidents on transport systems can be managed by an organisation such as a rail/metro network, traffic system or airport. The AI and m to m learning facilitates a response that focuses on security and safety in real time. This session will be chaired by James Willison MA MsyI, Founder, Unified Security Ltd

Partners: Vidsys and Micro Focus

Guest speaker: Letitia Emeana CPP PSP, Board Member Women’s Security Society – Physical Security

Wednesday 20th June, 11.30 and 15.00

How can a Converged Security platform be used to respond to insider threats?

The session will present scenarios which demonstrate a joined -up approach to physical and logical access. Is the person who logs into the network also accessing other buildings in the organisation at the same time? The 11.30 session will be chaired by James Willison, and the 3.00 session will be chaired by Sarb Sembhi

Partners: Vidsys and Micro Focus

Guest speakers: Professor Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research at 11.30, and Brian Sims, Editor, Risk UK at 3.00.

Thursday 21st June, 10.15 and 14.00

How can Converged Security Centres respond to situations in real-time to protect corporate Headquarters and Critical National Infrastructure?

In this session we will watch the two 75inch screens display scenarios faced by large security teams in corporate HQs and the CNI and how Micro Focus combines with Vidsys to analyse immense volumes of security data and intelligence such as social media to identify criminal behaviour and enable a real time response. These sessions will be chaired by James Willison MA MsyI, Founder, Unified Security Ltd

Partners: Vidsys and Micro Focus

Guest speakers: Barrie Millett, Head of Group Security, Wesleyan at 10.15, and Professor Paul Dorey, co-founder and Chair Emeritus of ISSP and Chair of IoTSF , Info Security Europe member of the Hall of Fame at 14.00 and Stephan Freeman, MD, Oxyx Consulting Ltd, former CISO, Advisor to TfL IT Infrastructure at 14.00.

Thursday 21st June, 12.30 and 15.00

Malicious cyber attacks on physical security systems – how to respond in real-time?

Unisys and Vidsys will show how cameras and other physical devices, if compromised can be forced off the network and a new secure network created. These sessions will be chaired by Sarb Sembhi CISM, CTO & CISO – Virtually Informed

Partners: Unisys and Vidsys

Guest speakers: Dr. Danny Dresner, co-founder IASME and lecturer at Manchester University at 12.30, and Professor Paul Dorey, co-founder and Chair Emeritus of ISSP and Chair of IoTSF, Info Security Europe member of the Hall of Fame at 3.00

Join us and our colleagues at this exciting new venue in the middle of the exhibition hall at stand B340. Register here.

Authors: James Willison MA MsyI, Founder, Unified Security and Sarb Sembhi, CISM, CISO Virtually Informed Ltd.

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