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May 15, 2023


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IFSEC 2023

The IFSEC Converged Security Centre extensive 3-day programme: What’s on the agenda?

IFSEC week is here! The Converged Security Centre (CSC) is back and so much has changed. There’s not just more topics, experts, knowledge, technology partners, and use-cases, but also a change in how converged security risk management is brought alive, explain Sarb Sembhi and James Willison.

Once again, we (Sarb Sembhi and James Willison) will be hosting the CSC with Advancis as the Technology lead. To bring converged security risk management to life, each of the three days has a specific theme, with case studies, demos, panel discussions, expert insights, Tech Talks from technology leaders and industry best practices.

With so many technologies, partners, and experts we should be able to answer any of your questions on the future of convergence in your organisation and environment.

Check out the full list of technology partners for this year’s IFSEC Converged Security Centre, here.


So, without further ado, let’s look at the themes and content set to be explored each day.

Tuesday 16 May – High Security and CNI

11:30: Panic at the data Centre – Allan Dickinson

This keynote will demonstrate how a methodical and systematic approach to what appears to be an access control breach on one data rack, ends up being far more than that as events unfold. How do you shift your focus from one type of attack to another?

With expert insights from: Nigel Stanley (Jacobs, Senior Director, Cybersecurity and OT Cybersecurity) and Olly Lacey (Global Partner Manager – Nedap Security Management).


Allan Dickinson of Advancis presenting at last year’s Converged Security Centre

13:00: The enemy within: dealing with the insider threat – James Chong (Chair, Advancis USA)

This keynote session takes you into a public sector building with an unauthorised access attempt where we follow the intruder from how they gained access to everywhere in the building. We enable the team on the ground to be alerted on their mobiles, as well as disabling the compromised credentials used by the intruder at a place where they can be picked up. We also archive the events and activities as they happened in real time.

With expert insights from Alison Wakefield, Professor of Criminology and Security Studies and Co-Director of the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre at the University of West London, David King, Global Business Development Director – Advancis Global), Simon Cook (Director – Eagle Eye Networks), and Nigel Stanley Jacobs, Senior Director, Cybersecurity and OT Cybersecurity.

15:00: Critical National Infrastructure under attack – Richard McClellan

This scenario shows how using convergence can quickly enable operators in a control room at CNI sites such as energy infrastructure, transport hubs or high security prisons, with situational awareness via CCTV, but also the ability to activate lighting and storm modes to assess if in fact there is a human intruder, or it’s something else. This allows for an informed judgement to be made as to whether the building is under attack or it’s a false alarm.

With expert insights from: Andy Schofield (Reliance High Tec – Technology Director), Adam O’Reilly (MD Harper Chalice)

Additional sessions…

Tech Talks

  • 11:00 – NEDAP
  • 12:30 – Eagle Eye Networks
  • 15:30 – Harper Chalice

14:00: Smart collaboration to address converging security technology risks

This session has speakers from the BSIA and the IoT Security Foundation discussing the latest cyber security guidance for installers, current legislation and upcoming changes affecting the installation of technologies.

Wednesday 17 May – Open public spaces

The second day’s sessions have a focus on public spaces and upcoming regulations governing them, and what technologies can offer to not only meet regulations, but to make managing every process more effective.

11:00: Terrorism (Protection of Spaces) – Allan Dickinson

In this scenario we demonstrate how a person of interest captured by advanced facial recognition on public surveillance can be highlighted to the security control centre. Then, using a converged system, the individual can be cross checked against reference databases to field teams on the ground to be sent the relevant information to intercept and action a stop and search order. As an organisation assesses its terrorism risk and identifies appropriate measures to ‘reduce the risk of physical harm,’ will video management and access control systems be cyber secure and available during an incident or controlled by an attacker?

The technology covers what could be used under Martyn’s Law.

With expert insights from: Jason Shaw (AECOM, Associate Director, Security, Technology Engineering), and Kieran Byrne (Axis Communications, Architect and Engineering Manager)

14:00: Lost suitcase or suspect device? – James Chong

In public places it’s difficult to differentiate between a package accidently left by someone from one that may be a suspect device. This scenario demonstrates a wide range of responses and available technologies ensuring that you follow the right procedures to protect people and property.

With expert insights from: Mark Scoular (Director of Protect and Prepare), Mark Cavies (Director – Optimised Asset Protection), and Mo Ahddoud (CEO, Chameleon Cyber Consultants).

15:30: Physical, Cyber and Identity – What is convergence?

This session will explore the range of technologies that are available for use in a converged security setting and how these can enable a converged security strategy.

With expert insights from: Jason Shaw (AECOM), Mo Ahddoud (Chameleon Security), Allan Dickinson (Technical Director, Advancis UK) and David King (Global Business Development Director – Advancis Global).

Additional sessions…

Tech Talks

  • 13:00 – UVS
  • 13:30 – March Networks
  • 15:00 – Hanwha Vision

10:30: Smart collaboration to address converging security technology risks

This session has speakers from the BSIA and the IoT Security Foundation discussing the latest guidance for installers, current legislation and upcoming changes affecting the installation of technologies.

Thursday 18 May – Smart Buildings

The final day will look at the convergence of technologies in smart buildings and a focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM), tying in with an article we wrote recently.

11.30am: IAM So, who am I? – David King


Credit: Panther Media GmbH/AlamyStock

This session will present how the convergence of access and identities has evolved and explore some of the technologies available in the market, which enable convergence, with a particular focus on multi occupancy smart buildings.

Expert insights from: Jason Shaw, and Alan Jenkins (Decipher Cyber Consulting Partners).

Additional sessions…

Tech Talks

  • 11:00 – Network Optix
  • 13:00 – Remark AI & AIM
  • 15:00 – March Networks

14:00: Smart collaboration to address converging security technology risks

This session has speakers from the BSIA and the IoT Security Foundation discussing the latest guidance for installers, current legislation and upcoming changes affecting the installation of technologies.

What is so exciting, this year, is a noticeable increase in the integration of technologies to give security teams a single view of security risks and help achieve the principles of security convergence that have been talked about over the last 15-20 years.

This is not only going to increase further but even manufacturers of technologies that have been around for years are planning many more innovations and advanced features.

This year will not only be the best CSC ever, but this trend will continue for several years to come.

We look forward to welcoming you there, all you need to do now is grab your ticket here >>


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