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Cyber and physical security unite as the Converged Security Centre returns to IFSEC International this May


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February 8, 2022


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Exclusively demonstrating the value of unifying physical and cyber security for 21st century threats, the Converged Security Centre (CSC) returns to IFSEC International, 17-19 May, with Advancis to be headline partner for 2022.

There’s only one place where security professionals can see ground-breaking converged security technology in action in 2022 and that’s at IFSEC International. The Converged Security Centre feature – the original and best demonstration of how physical security and information technology fuse to provide a holistic solution – returns to the show floor as security professionals reconnect at IFSEC in London for the first time since 2019.

Embodying what IFSEC is all about, the feature provides a leading example of how the cyber and physical security worlds are collaborating to enhance organisational resilience against new threat vectors.

Gerry Dunphy, Event Director for IFSEC International, said: “The Converged Security Centre is now a major part of IFSEC and is aligned to our strategy of representing the very best in integrated and converged security solutions.

“IFSEC has always been a major showcase for security technologies and the pace of change and innovation is often bewildering, so it’s essential we can address this via a unique proposition.”

This year’s Converged Security Centre partner will be Advancis, collaborating with several vendor partners such as Kaseware to showcase the benefits of open, integrated security management platforms. Expert consultants James Willison and Sarb Sembhi return, and will be on hand to provide advice and offer a range of keynote presentations and panel debates about the use of the technology and how it will be a vital addition to the suite of options available to end-users and integrators.

Visitors will have an opportunity to see, hear and experience the technology in real time and meet with the innovators and experts behind the technology.

Richard McClellan – Commercial Director at Advancis UK comments: “We are delighted to be part of the Converged Security Centre for IFSEC 2022. With WinGuard, our Open PSIM platform, we will be showcasing how the latest physical & cyber security technologies can converge to provide a control centre with more meaningful information, enabling operators to make more informed decisions, increasing situational awareness, security and the safety of people and assets.”

James Willison, founder of Unified Security Ltd and Sarb Sembhi, CTO and CISO of Virtually Informed, released this statement:

“We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Converged Security Centre at IFSEC 2022 where we will be working with Advancis, Kaseware and other cyber physical security solutions and listening to the perspectives of senior physical and cyber security professionals in an educational theatre. Here you can meet with your colleagues and together understand how to better protect your organisation and people from online and physical attacks. It is an excellent opportunity for us all to improve our management of security risks.”

Dorian Deligeorges, CEO Kaseware, also a part of this year’s feature, adds: “Kaseware is honored to be part of the Converged Security Centre and we look forward to exhibiting the power and field-tested value of the product alongside our partners at the IFSEC event. As a premiere data management and data analytics platform, convergence is at the heart of our offering because the benefit that our solution provides to customers around the world is greatest when the amount and type of data it helps manage and analyse, is from multiple and disparate sources.”

Keep an eye out on IFSEC Global and the IFSEC International website in the coming months for further announcements on the Converged Security Agenda programme.

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