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July 27, 2020

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Security products round-up: July 2020

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in July.



In response to the government-mandated enforcement of face coverings to be worn in public spaces in England (and various other locations), Videcon has adapted its Thermi-screen camera to identify anyone not wearing a face covering. When triggered, the system automatically sends an alert to any designated controller or person in authority.

The company believes this will support retailers and managers of public spaces to comply with the new measures. In addition to the new face coverings detection feature, the company has enhanced the system’s privacy settings, which can now pixelate individuals and replace exact temperature readings with simple normal/elevated temperature messaging. This advanced privacy setting secures compliance with GDPR and ensures the maximum level of individual’s protection of information, assures the manufacturer.

Find out more information from Videcon.



Net2 Occupancy management & thermal scan integrations

Paxton has brought new additions to its Net2 access control range, helping installers to help their customers ensure their buildings are COVID-secure. The latest version of Net2, v6.04, features Net2 Occupancy Management, which allows you to limit the number of people in any given area; either barring access or sending an email or text to the building manager when a space nears capacity. It works across multiple areas of a site and can be set to operate a one in, one out system to support social distancing measures.

In addition to this update, installers who want to use thermal scanning to help limit the spread of the virus can do so with a choice of hardware integrated from Hikvision, Dahua and ZKTeko. Paxton has tested a range of thermal scan hardware and uses its latest free, 45 minute webinars to take installers through what is available and how to apply it.

Find out more.



Emergency Escape Upstand Access Cover certification

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Technocover has recently achieved LPS 1175: Issue 8 for its Emergency Escape Upstand Access Cover.

Technocover’s Marketing Manager, Terry Batten, said: “Our innovative UltraSecure two-way escape hatch is the first of its kind to be certified to LPS 1175, and also the first access cover on the market approved to the updated Issue 8. The design fills a gap for an emergency escape cover for underground assets that also allows ingress by authorised personnel, while assuring LPS 1175 tested resistance to physical attack. We are delighted to add it to our SBD portfolio as it will enhance operational flexibility for utilities, telecommunications, transport and other critical infrastructure sites and high security applications.”

You can find out more about Technocover, here.


HID Global

OMNIKEY 5127CK Reader Core

HID Global has unveiled its smallest embedded reader module, the OMNIKEY 5127CK Reader Core.  The latest addition to the OMNIKEY family makes it possible for systems integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other partners to embed RFID into devices with limited physical space to accurately authenticate people, reduce fraud and protect sensitive data in a contactless way, according to the company.

The new reader core uses standard interfaces that make it ideal for embedding into constrained spaces and battery-powered devices. It also includes modular approval certification for wireless devices, efficient power management (USB suspend/resume and remote wake up modes) and external off-board HF/LF and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) antennas or the option to design custom antennas that meet specific embedded requirements.

Find out more from HID Global.


360 Vision Technology

‘No glow’ long range infrared cameras

There has been a growth in demand for cameras with infrared technology, according to 360 Vision Technology. In response, the company has highlighted its ‘No Glow’ technology within its solutions.

“In recent months we have been approached by a number of CNI and high security customers who had recognised the need to up-grade and increase their security coverage,” says Adrian Kirk, 360 Vision Technology’s Strategic Accounts Director. “The common factor with these customers is the fact that they tend to have many small remote sites that need discreet security coverage and the unique features of ‘No glow’ technology lend themselves really well to this type of application.”

‘No glow’ infrared illumination (940nM) is a special type of infrared which eliminates the red-glow (850nM) of standard infrared lighting, by operating at a higher frequency. This type of lighting is typically used in in transportation, to ensure that drivers of vehicles or trains are not distracted. Wider deployment has been limited due to performance considerations, though the business has recently increased the range of its cameras from 100m to 300m to cover larger sites and perimeters.

More information from 360 Vision Technology.



Comelit-AmazonAlexa-20.Voice control and facial recognition door entry

Comelit Group’s Mini Handsfree WIFI Monitor now integrates with Amazon Alexa, as well as facial recognition technology. The WIFI kits were launched as an internal wireless upgrade to its SimpleBus system, alongside complementing Quadra ViP and iKall metal external door entry solutions.

Designed to be simple to retrofit, the Mini Handsfree WIFI system allows Alexa to announce that someone is at the door, while homeowners can identify who it is via the facial recognition technology. A clear interface allows a simple connection to be established between the monitor and Alexa to support installers, highlights the company.

Find out more from Comelit.


Hanwha Techwin

Face mask detection

Coinciding with the recent launch of the Occupancy Monitoring application designed to help implement social distancing rules, Hanwha Techwin has also introduced a Face Mask Detection application. With the World Heath Organisation (WHO) now recommending the use of face masks, amongst many governments worldwide, the company believes this new application will support many businesses adopt additional safety measures for colleagues and customers.

Developed by Hanwha Techwin’s technology partner, a2 Technology, it runs on open-platform Wisenet X Series cameras and uses video analytics to detect if a person entering an area is not wearing a mask. This will trigger the playing of a customisable audio message, such as ‘please wear a face mask’, generated via an audio support feature built into Wisenet X cameras.

The application simultaneously detects and analyses up to four people at a distance up to five metres from a camera, while a digital zoom-in function assists installers to configure it. Hanwha assures that it is not affected by glasses, hats or scarfs, and is also able to detect if a mask is not being correctly worn.


HID Global

Location Services IoT additions

Designed to help streamline managing safe workplace protocols and prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19, HID Global has announced additions to its Location Services IoT ecosystem.

The new Workplace Safety physical distancing application leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) HID BEEKS Aware fobs that alert employees when they are closer than two metres for a specified period of time. Meanwhile, the new contact tracing application uses the same HID BEEKS Aware fob or a BEEKS badge/badge holder, providing a full digital trail of an employee’s whereabouts and historical interactions while at work.

The physical distancing application is currently being piloted and adopted by major healthcare institutions and enterprise organisations worldwide, including at HID’s North American headquarters and manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

Find out more about HID Location Services for Workplace Safety.


Axis Communications

Fixed box cameras

Axis Communications has unveiled new additions to its Q16 Network Camera Series. These CS mount cameras are said to offer exceptional image quality in any light conditions. They feature a dual chipset, designed to be ideal for bespoke third-party analytics based on deep learning on the edge.

Featuring Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR, the Q1615-LE Mk III model features OptimizedIR for clear footage in darkness, while the Q1615 Mk III is designed for retrofitting AXIS T92E20 Outdoor Housing, enabling deep-learning capabilities to be introduced to existing installations.

Remote zoom and focus capabilities are said to make it easier for installers, advanced security functionality helps to prevent unauthorised access, while the deep learning processing unit allows analytics to run on the camera (edge-based).

Find out more about the Axis fixed box cameras.



Bosch integration

Genetec has released the latest deep integration to result from its partnership with Bosch Security Systems. Users of the Bosch MAP 5000 intrusion alarm panels can now directly connect to Genetec Security Center through the Intrusion Manager, combining intrusion, video and access control into one interface.

The company believes that integration with the Security Center ensures operators can monitor all intrusion events on dynamic maps, alongside additional security data such as video footage or access control records – providing a better real-time understanding of what is happening in the facility.

The integration also provides customers with additional intrusion management capabilities, including the ability to operate all intrusion systems from a central location, an alarm persistence feature that identifies where alarms originated, and a specialised interface to ensure operations can quickly arm specific zones.

Find out more about the integration.

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