ECHO – What it is and why “every second counts”

The Why, What, How, Where & When of ECHO – the story.

This webinar took place on 2nd December 2021, and you can now watch it back on-demand!

Watch back our recent webinar, as Mark Taylor, ECHO General Manager, explained the NPCC drive for automated alarm signalling – of Intruder Alarm and Hold Up Alarm signals – to the police, through what has developed into operational delivery with ECHO transfers to the first ECHO-connected police forces.

Mark describes some of the technical and practical challenges faced and overcome as the industry came together to futureproof the efficiency of alarm handling, and help deliver prioritised and speedier police response to confirmed alarms. He highlights the part played by ECHO stakeholders and partners and charts ECHO’s journey from concept to launch earlier this year.

The webinar provides information on the benefits of ECHO for approved security installers and their customers – the buyers of police response alarms – and how ECHO will help differentiate installers product offer in an ever competitive market. It also explains why installers should be keeping up to date with ECHO’s rollout as the police regions they support come online progressively.

Key takeaways from the webinar are:

  • What is ECHO?
  • Why was ECHO developed?
  • What is the police involvement?
  • What are the benefits of ECHO to the security industry?
  • What are its benefits to security installers and ARCs and why should they be ECHO-connected?
  • Latest status of the ECHO roll out and why installers should be keeping abreast of its progress.

The webinar will be of key interest to professional security installers who are already approved by NSI or SSAIB and install systems suitable for police URN, or are planning to gain approval in the near future.

It will also be of interest to ARCs who are not yet ECHO-connected, are in the early stages of preparing for ECHO connectivity or have not yet started the process.

Mark Taylor

General Manager, ECHO

Mark Taylor is General Manager of ECHO, a not-for-profit organisation delivering automated transmission of alarm signalling between ARCs and blue light services. Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the security industry and has held a number of senior management positions in various sectors.

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