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July 7, 2023


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Security products round up – June 2023

IFSEC Insider takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout June 2023. This month we cover releases from the likes of i-PRO, Traka, Peoplesafe, 3xLOGIC, Hanwha Vision, and 2N.

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:


New NVR powered by VMS aimed for SMEs

3xLOGIC has released NVR-1U-8CH – a Linux OS based embedded power over Ethernet (PoE) 1U professional grade NVR.

It has an Intel Celeron processor and a 64MP resolution support for high definition video.

The device also has a 256GB solid state drive (SSD) aimed to provide smoother working and deliver PoE+ up to 30W for each of its eight channels, enabling full pan tilt zoom (PTZ) control.

A remote management feature also allows a user to be in control from anywhere with internet access – saving time and making operations more efficient.

The company launches with it an NVR-1U-8CH Small and Medium Business Kit (SMBK), which is said to combine video surveillance with ‘ease and affordability’.

The NVR-1U-8CH SMBK features eight IP licenses as standard, according to the company, with the option of four or eight VISIX 4MP VX-SMBK-B-IW mini-bullet or 4MP VX-SMBK-D-IW mini-dome style cameras, or a combination of each, alongside an NVR-1U-8CH.

The VISIX cameras have a rich feature set, designed to be installed in a wide range of areas and climates, while dual streaming allows recording at the highest quality, facilitating live viewing from any location. In addition, with full support for both variable bit rate and variable frame rate, each stream is said to be matched to available bandwidth for optimum image quality.


Genetec Sipelia available on mobile app

Genetec announced that its latest version of its SIP-based Sipelia Communications Management system is now integrated within the Genetec Mobile app.

Aimed for security staff to quickly make and receive audio/video calls, broadcast messages on PA speakers, and trigger standard operating procedures from the Genetec app on their mobile phone.

The Sipelia Mobile Integration is designed to enhances an organisation’s security team’s awareness by unifying incoming calls with the rest of their security system.

With Sipelia Mobile, operators are said to be able to call emergency services, reach team members or outside contacts via an audio or video call using the address book easier than before. They can also respond to incoming requests for assistance, and use audio/video verification to grant or deny visitor access, or open parking gates without having to leave the Genetec Mobile app.

In addition, the company has said security teams can automatically play a warning message through the organisation’s PA system. Messages can be dynamic, scheduled, or based on event-to-actions. When an event is triggered, such as an access denied alert or an alarm from an IoT sensor is set off, custom standard operating procedures are designed to automatically play an announcement (or the operator can decide if one should be played).

For post-event investigation, Sipelia Mobile also enables operators to play back audio/video call recordings and messages or export the call recording for sharing purposes without requiring a third-party device or necessitating a complex setup.


Compact Vemotion Video Firewall

Vemotion Interactive has launched Vemotion Video Firewall. The company has said it is in response from requests from non-NDAA compliant IP surveillance camera operators. The new release is said to be specifically designed to help these operators avoid having to ‘rip and replace’ their investments in device/network equipment purchased, and particularly when involving relatively new equipment.

The Vemotion Video Firewall connects to the camera and is then designed to allow the VMS to connect to the cameras through its firewall.

When using the device, the video leak blocker is said to set up a physically isolated network, separating the camera from the original network, meaning the camera cannot access outside networks, adding security and control to the video and any other data.

Vemotion Video Firewall allows the VMS to still operate pan, tilt, zoom functions and control the camera (via ONVIF), but the VMS is communicating to the firewall, which in turn, is communicating to the camera – creating robust network security.

Said to be ideal for a wide range of overt and covert rapid deployment, mobile, temporary or fixed camera situational awareness applications, the device is designed to be easily fitted in any small space next to a camera.


Higher-resolution PTZ Cameras unveiled

i-PRO has announced 16 new, high-speed pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras with up to 4K resolution and IR illumination.

Called Rapid PTZ, the company is launching the new models as part of its X and S Series lineup. The PTZ cameras are reported to be the smallest in their category and feature comprehensive edge AI capabilities and a broad range of resolution options.

The cameras are said to have pan and tilt speeds of up to 700°/s., along with IR LED capabilities enabling the cameras to monitor in complete darkness up to 250 meters (820.2ft). Advanced analytics and AI-based auto-tracking also help to make sure that persons and vehicles of interest stay locked on target and in focus.

The cameras use gears aimed to deliver consistent, repeatable panning accuracy and are said to require no routine maintenance avoiding system downtime.

Featuring a more discreet design that allows for direct installation on low ceilings or eaves on rooftops, the new models includes i-PRO’s fail-safe waterproof ethernet connector along with multiple mounting options.


Updates to flagship OnGuard platform 

LenelS2, has released the latest version of its flagship access control and alarm monitoring system, OnGuard Version 8.2.

This latest version is said to provide users with a range of new value-added features and enhancements, including locked reader override functionality, third-party integration enhancements, customisable user-defined fields for alarm acknowledgement, and additional cloud database support.

The platform is also said to offer new override functionality to access doors in “locked” mode, enabling first-responders to navigate through locked doors when necessary.

By setting a badge attribute, this override feature is designed to help facilitate a timely response, supporting the safety and well-being of those in need during critical situations, such as those at schools and campuses or at manufacturing and chemical facilities.

As part of LenelS2’s digital transformation, OnGuard v8.2 is reported to have increased its capability with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to include Amazon RDS cloud database support, additional Azure SQL support, and the addition of cloud platforms to its compatibility charts.


Lock solution aimed to combat vehicle crime

Designed to be professionally installed and supplied with secure fixings, Mul-T-Lock MVP2000 is an all-in-one, non-corrosive lock body solution that offers no hanging parts that could damage the paintwork around the lock.

The unique angled lock body is designed to deflect blows from a hammer and together with the steel locking bolt adds extra protection for side and rear doors.

Mul-T-Lock is preparing to launch a new range of vehicle security solutions that will include an entry-level system as well as an upgraded robust construction option for rear and side doors.

Claire Blakemore, Mul-T-Lock UK Managing Director adds: “We are doing everything we can to support vehicle owners, tradespeople, and fleets against this rise in vehicle crime.

“It’s just one way to show how we are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable solutions to protect their valuable assets. With MVP2000, alongside a new suite in development, vehicle owners can have confidence with Mul-T-Lock in the security of their vehicles, knowing that they are protected with the latest technology to deter and prevent unauthorised access and attacks.”


HD wide-angle camera and adaptive Face Zooming upgrades

2N has upgraded the functionality of its intercom, the 2N IP Verso 2.0, aimed to enhance both security and flexibility.

This is said to be a direct response to surveys where 2N’s residential and commercial customers were asked about the features they most wanted to see in access control devices.

The security upgrades include a full HD wide-angle camera which, based on 2N’s internal research, is now a requirement in more than 50% of office projects. The camera is designed to provide clear image quality even in poor light.

It is also said to maintain full image colour until ‘just minutes’ before total darkness, as opposed to switching to night mode and infrared illumination at dusk. Additionally, the camera in the 2N IP Verso 2.0 supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which eliminates black silhouettes in cases when the sun is shining directly behind the visitor.

The third new feature is adaptive Face Zooming. This is designed to automatically zoom in on the visitor, allowing the user to identify them more easily on the answering unit or their smartphone. This is a particular benefit in video intercoms which use a wide-angle camera, according to 2N, as wide-angle cameras are likely to provide an overview of the whole entrance, however the visitor can occupy a relatively small space in the frame, making the face difficult to recognise.

Another security improvement is a new chassis made of anodised aluminium. This is said to make the intercom’s body much stronger and better able to resist attempted vandalism.

Hanwha Vision

Bi-spectrum AI camera launched for rapid thermal detection and visual identification

Hanwha Vision has launched a new bi-spectrum AI camera range that provides visual and thermal views of an area simultaneously.

The TNM-C4940TD, TNM-C4950TD, and TNM-C4960TD are equipped with two lenses to generate a VGA thermal image and a 4K visual image.

The thermal lens is designed for perimeter detection of suspicious activity in low light, poor weather conditions, or when visual barriers, such as foliage block the area.

The visual lens is said to provide identification detail, determining if the suspicious activity is, for example, an intruder.  This enables detection and rapid identification without having to install two separate devices, Hanwha believes – saving time, equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.

The cameras also feature AI-based object detection aimed at reducing the occurrence of false alarms by providing operators with a reliable source of events.

The cameras are capable of detecting human faces, as well as identifying particular vehicles and number plates while ‘ignoring irrelevant motion’ such as wind-blown trees, shadows, stray objects, or animals moving within the field of view.

Likewise, in industrial environments, the thermal lens are reported to detect a sudden jump in temperature that may indicate the failure of equipment or pipes. Alerts are said to be automatically sent to operators to show exactly where the problem is happening. Hanwha believes operators can then use the 4K lens to understand more about the issue and direct ground staff to the location, preventing the failure from causing further problems, danger, and downtime.

SureCam and Peoplesafe

Video Telematics with an emergency response 

SureCam and Peoplesafe have launched a new video-enabled solution, said to allow real time footage to be viewed directly by a professional Alarm Receiving Centre in the event of an emergency.

Drivers can scan a QR code using the Pro mobile app designed to register their unique ID, and confirm who is driving the vehicle. This is then said to automatically enable controllers in the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to access both audio communication and video footage, as well as incident data when an alarm is raised. This could be an incident of aggression, road traffic accident, driver illness or injury.

Driver ID functionality enables SureCam’s video telematics platform to report by driver, which can be more useful for companies that operate a pool of vehicles that are not designated to a particular employee. Fleets are said to gain ‘complete visibility’ of who is operating a vehicle when a collision, near miss or harsh driving event occurs.

The forward and dual cameras can be mounted internally or externally for recorded footage. The combination of the Peoplesafe mobile app and SureCam video is designed for emergency  access to be faster and more efficient than calling 999.


Faulty device exchange lockers launched for healthcare

Traka’s Faulty Item Exchange locker (FIX) is designed to allow healthcare staff to deposit a faulty device, record the nature of the fault, and obtain a working device quickly so they can return to vital patient care across large estates and multiple locations.

The system is said to have comprehensive status updates in real-time, for when equipment develops a fault it can be fixed promptly, minimising downtime and reducing the risk of equipment failure during critical procedures.

According to Traka, it is particularly effective over large geographical areas. FIX lockers alleviate the issue for healthcare workers who work remotely in community trusts across the country, where arranging appropriate IT support to repair and reissue a working device, can prove challenging. The lockers remove the need to travel to the site of the immediate fault, instead issuing a new working device from a remote location, aimed to offer clear time, productivity and cost benefits for medical staff.

Ben Farrar, Traka Business Development Manager said: “In large healthcare settings, where quick response times and equipment availability are critical, managing and locating fault fixing equipment efficiently can be a challenge. In designing FIX, we worked closely with our partners to understand requirements and ensure we could deliver a solution that could resolve the issues faced.”


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