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June 1, 2023


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Product news

Security products round up – April/May 2023

IFSEC Insider takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout April and May in 2023. This month we cover releases from the likes of Comelit-PAC, Gunnebo, Gallagher Security, Hanwha Vision, HID Global and 2N.

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Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:


Next and Advanced CCTV range

ComelitPAC-NextCCTV-23Comelit-PAC has launched an enhanced range of Next and Advanced CCTV products, using cloud-ready video surveillance technology. The manufacturer also points out that the range is fully compliant with the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA).

The Next series comprises cost-effective, high-tech cameras with different housing, lens and sensor options, ideal for small and medium-sized systems, says Comelit-PAC.

Meanwhile, the Advance series offers video analytics with metadata analysis and video recording platform products with storage and management services. The series is said to be suited for medium and large systems to meet any type of requirement.

Both systems can also be remotely monitored via the Comelit CCTV app, which is designed as an image-led responsive app for users to remotely manage and control CCTV for visual verification.

On the NDAA standard, Simon Green, Comelit-PAC Sales Director explains: “The age of data has led to the protection of sensitive information becoming a priority for enterprise organisations, especially with the rise in the risk of cyber-attack. The NDAA standard represents a benchmark for quality and cybersecurity in the security industry and by definition, it provides the building blocks for security solutions that establish reliable security infrastructure for years to come.


Gallagher Security

Improved Security Health Check tool

Gallagher-SecurityHealthCheck-23Gallagher Security has streamlined its free Security Health Check tool to make it easier for customers to protect against potential system risks and improve business efficiencies.

Security Health Check is designed for risk and vulnerability management. It performs an automated system audit and generates a health report, providing users with deeper awareness and understanding of security vulnerabilities with suggestions for mitigation, reducing the time and cost of manual audits.

“Over time, we’ve learned that our users don’t just use Security Health Check to strengthen their systems,” says Robert Cowsley, Cyber Security Architect at Gallagher Security. “They’re using it for project management, to justify budgets, as verification of proper installation, as a signoff tool, for bridging the technical gap for non-technical departments – there’s a multitude of uses for the tool.”

In response, Gallagher Security has given Security Health Check’s reports a fresh, new look and streamlined the process to simplify use and dramatically reduce run times.

  • Security Health Check is now available for download by users
  • The programme is now easier and faster to run when generating summarised health reports
  • Colour coded health reports have been simplified so technical and non-technical users can understand the severity and priority of the test findings


HID Global

Bamboo Seos access security cards

HID-BambooCards-23As part of its commitment to sustainability, HID Global has introduced its Seos Bamboo credentials, made from sustainability sourced bamboo instead of PVC. It is the first in the company’s range of physical access security Eco Cards.

The bamboo is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), an assurance that the material comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Recent market reports indicate a majority of organisations rank climate and sustainability as corporate priorities. As a result, they are turning to renewable and eco-friendly materials as much as possible, in addition to reducing energy consumption and waste.

“Our journey to offer alternative options to plastic cards and badges began 10 years ago with the introduction of HID Mobile Access — a first in the industry,” explains Martin Huddart, Senior VP and Managing Director of Physical Access Control at HID. “Seos Bamboo offers an additional option for sustainability within the physical access ecosystem, as it supports a more eco-friendly value chain in areas where physical access cards are still required.”

Seos Bamboo cards are also said to support those seeking green building certifications, including the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), and the Zero Waste to Landfill certification.



Access Unit 2.0

2N-AccessUnit2.0-232N has launched a new access control reader, the 2N Access Unit 2.0, which supports three access technologies – multi-frequency RFID cards, PIN via a touch keypad, and Bluetooth-based smartphone credentials.

The new reader is designed to offer the flexibility to provide different access control options for different users, depending on their needs or preferences.

As well as flexibility, the device is said to “avoid wasting space and money” by combining multiple devices and modules. This makes installation straightforward and also streamlines the management of the site’s access control devices, says 2N.

It is also compatible with another newly-launched 2N product, 2N PICard, which upgrades access security by letting administrators create a unique cryptographic keyset for every site.



SpeedStile FLs MAX entrance control for commercial applications

The SpeedStile FLs MAX has been unveiled by Gunnebo, designed to improve access management and maintain flow in commercial buildings. The unit is said to be ideal for where space is limited, while featuring touchless technology for authorised personnel.

Gunnebo-SpeedStile-23A range of configurable settings are offered, including access permissions, user privileges, time-limited access and event-based rules, enabling building managers to tailor the system to their specific needs.

The SpeedStile FLs MAX supports a range of reader, card, biometric and token formats, alongside dedicated tailgating detection and monitoring technology. It is finished with way-mode indicators and top lid LEDs to visually confirm or deny passage.

Mike Lindley, Group Product Manager of Gunnebo adds: “This system offers so much more than an addition to our portfolio. With its advanced features and flexible configurations, it presents a powerful tool for building managers to manage access and optimise building performance, while ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees and visitors.”



Mini & SE Cubes plug and play access control

Comelit-PAC has launched Mini & SE Cubes, designed as a customised plug and play experience that can provide ongoing 24/7 connectivity to PAC access control hardware.

The devices can be delivered pre-installed with PAC Access Central software, and all necessary drivers.

ComelitPAC-Cubes-23The SE Cube and Mini Cube can build a new PAC Access Control or Easinet Database with the help of specialist built-in configuration wizard. Alternatively, users can migrate existing databases using the backup file to PAC Access Central Database Backups or resi one iPAC Easinet Residential database backups to begin the restore function.

The SE and Mini Cubes come with the features of a dedicated PC, says Comelit-PAC, with features such as multi-language support, without the need to consider admin rights, firewall settings and similar IT related concerns, commonly associated with generic machines.


Hanwha Vision

AI powered high-speed ANPR camera

Hanwha Vision has launched the TNO-7180RLP high-speed ANPR camera. The device has 3MP Global Shutter technology to detect number plates on vehicles moving at up to 200km/h (125 mph) across two lanes of traffic.

The camera features Hanwha’s newly launched ROAD AI solution, which uses AI video analytics to identify the type, make, model, and colour of detected vehicles, across 70 different automotive brands, 600 models, and 10 colours. The camera can also identify number plates and vehicle make/models from different regions.

HanwhaVision-AIANPRCamera-23It comes with global shutter, to give greater accuracy and clarity of captured number plate images and a frame rate of up to 60fps. Footage can be accessed through Wisenet WAVE, Wisenet SSM and other video management software, including Milestone and Genetec.

An onboard LPR Setup Tool is designed to help installers better position and angle the camera for number plate capture. By entering the camera height and distance from the centre of the road it is said to be easier to obtain the correct vertical, horizontal and roll angles to use.

In addition, a Road AI Setup Wizard tool – part of the Road AI application – gives insight into the optimum plate capture area.

The TNO-7180RLP is IP66/IP6K9K, IK10+ and NEMA 4X rated, resisting water, dust and vandal-proof. The camera can be used with PoE++ and an HPoE option is available.  A 12VDC power supply is another option for greater resilience against unexpected power fluctuations and flexibility in installation.


Milestone Systems

XProtect Hospital Assist

As hospitals grapple with staff shortages, Milestone Systems has launched a remote patient monitoring technology that aims to assist healthcare workers and improve overall patient care.

Milestone-XProtectHealthcare-23XProtect Hospital Assist is a video solution that allows medical staff to remotely observe multiple patients at once and respond to incidents quickly, easing the burden of some routine tasks. It has been designed exclusively for patients in need of 24/7 or situational observation, explains the vendor.

Built on the foundations of XProtect – Milestone’s open-platform video management software – XProtect Hospital Assist is designed for medical units treating patients who need round-the-clock or situational observation, such as people in intensive care and rehabilitation units.

Medical staff can use XProtect Hospital Assist to observe multiple critically ill patients at once and communicate with them. This is said to reduce unnecessary room visits and offers a better use of staff resources. To ensure patient privacy, the technology is fitted with a live video blurring function. Other features include automatic fall detection, alerting medical staff when a patient falls.

Rahul Yadav, Chief Technology Officer at Milestone Systems, said: “There is no doubt that the irreplaceable human touch of healthcare professionals is essential, and by integrating data-driven video technology into their daily routine, they can now be even further empowered.

“With the use of XProtect Hospital Assist, hospitals can improve patient care by offering an additional layer of support for the healthcare staff. With an extra set of eyes and ears in patient rooms, our solution enables rapid response to incidents, ensuring the highest quality of patient care.


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