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March 28, 2023


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Security products round up – March 2023

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout March 2023. This month we cover everything from cloud-based surveillance and collaborations, through to dual sensor cameras and access control.

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

BT Redcare

Wireless digital replacement for connectivity

BT Redcare has announced the launch of a Classic and GSM replacement bundle, ahead of the network supporting these products being shut down in 2025.

The replacement bundle incorporates BT Redcare’s dual-path Advanced Extra signalling solution, alongside two new products that have been designed to make swap out faster for installers and customers.

The Plug-in Adaptor is said to allow an update of older systems without the expense of replacing the customer’s alarm panel.

The second is Redcare Connect, a secure wireless Ethernet cable replacement that mitigates the need for physical connectivity wiring.

BT Redcare has said that the wider transition to fibre are making analogue networks more difficult to maintain, alongside the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service switch-off fast approaching in 2025, increasing the need to transition away from legacy networks.

Find out more about BT Redcare’s latest products at IFSEC between 16-18 May at London’s ExCeL. The team will be on stand IF5410 in IFSEC, and FI2027 in FIREX. 


AI integration in new products

VIVOTEK introduces AI analysis and edge computing to its new products and services, horizontally connecting its two flagship products of smart cloud-based surveillance service VORTEX and VSS.

Marking the first time VIVOTEK has ventured into the SaaS subscription market, Vortex is a smart cloud-based surveillance service that integrates AI network cameras and cloud-based image management SaaS; VSS is a surveillance station that combines AI edge-computing capability, supporting diverse types of smart image analysis.

To expand application scenarios of AI security solutions, the vendor deploys on diverse platforms and cooperates with strategic partner Milestone.

Through the integration of AI technology and Milestone’s XProtect surveillance platform, VIVOTEK will further help global customers to develop their desired smart surveillance solutions more comprehensively and flexibly, satisfying security needs in different environments.

Smart Spaces & HID Global

Employee badge addition to Apple Wallet

Smart Spaces has teamed with HID Global to introduce an employee badge in Apple Wallet, offering a secure and seamless building entry for employees at 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London.

By adding their employee badge to Apple Wallet, employees and staff in the building are said to safely and easily gain access to offices with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Following the initial partnership between Smart Spaces and 22 Bishopsgate utilising HID Mobile Access in 2020, all occupiers and guests at the office tower have had access to a frictionless arrival-experience, according to the vendor. However, they have added that multi-platform QR access will remain available to those that require it.

Unlike physical cards, there is no waiting time for obtaining building credentials, and so is designed to make building access for new employees more efficient.

An employee badge that has been added and activated within Apple Wallet is then designed so that users can hold their device near a door’s NFC-enabled reader to access secured areas.

With Express Mode enabled, employees do not need to unlock or even wake up their device to use their employee badge — they can just tap their device, according to the vendor.

When an iPhone or Apple Watch needs to be charged, employees are said to still be able to use their device to access their office or amenity areas, for up to five hours with Power Reserve.

The location and time an 22 Bishopsgate employee uses their employee badge in Apple Wallet is ‘never shared’ with Apple or stored on Apple servers, according to the vendor. If their iPhone or Apple Watch is misplaced, the owner of the device can promptly use the Find My app to lock the device and help locate it.

Find out more about HID Global’s solution at IFSEC this year. The team will be on stand IF3430.


DigiAir Pro 3

CSL-DigiAirPro-23CSL has launched the latest version of its DigiAir Pro single-path alarm signalling device. Available in two variants, Radio and LAN, it is available to order from alarm receiving centres (ARCs) now. The DigiAir Pro 2 Fire will remain available until the release of a new EN54 variant later, explains CSL.

The product has been reduced in size to ensure it fits better within control panels, while additional changes include:

  • two outputs
  • eight inputs
  • Digital quick guide – the product will be delivered without a printed guide, with a QR code on the inside of the box which allows installers to scan and access the information they need via CSL’s Installer Zone.

Rob Evans, CSL’s Sales Director, commented: “We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated launch of DigiAir Pro 3. Already a hugely popular solution, the reduced size now means the product is suitable for any panel or installation.”

Find out more about CSL’s new DigiAir Pro 3 solution at IFSEC in May. The team will be on stand IF4620. 


Collaboration with Axis Communications for access control

AxisPoweredbyGenetec-23Genetec announced a new collaboration with Axis Communications that will see the introduction of Axis Powered by Genetec, an enterprise-level access control offering that combines Genetec access control software with Axis network door controllers in a an ‘all-in-one’ offering.

Axis Powered by Genetec combines the Genetec Synergi access control software with the AXIS A1210 and AXIS A1610 network door controllers.

Integrators are said to benefit from easy-to-deploy hardware pre-loaded with the access control software, removing friction associated with traditional software/hardware integrations.

The devices in the Axis Powered by Genetec program are also said to benefit from continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features, and important cyber security updates, according to the vendor.

Axis Powered by Genetec combines hardware and software in one unit which is designed to simplify the installation process, reduces maintenance, and brings built-in cybersecurity features at both the hardware and software levels.

Genetec will be introducing select Powered by Genetec offerings across a range of edge devices in the coming quarters.

Genetec Certified channel partners will have access to part numbers and ready-to-ship inventory in April.

Read more about what research analysts from Omdia think this partnership might mean for the wider access control industry here >>



4K AI-enabled Dual Sensor Cameras

i-PRO will further expand its multi-sensor camera line-up with six new dual-sensor models.

The i-PRO series can support up to 2x 4K sensors, according to the vendor.

The S-series dual sensor cameras also include an AI chip with free pre-installed applications. Up to four different AI-based analytic apps is said to be used in varying combinations.

The cameras are designed to monitor two separate areas simultaneously such as hallway intersections with a small form factor requiring minimum power, cabling and a VMS license.

A corridor mode enables an optimised aspect ratio to get less wall and more hall aimed at providing the best image ‘regardless’ of deployment.

The four S-series models can be configured with dual 4K sensors with 3.1mm fixed lenses supplying the widest 104° FOV or dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorised varifocal lenses with a 100° FOV and a 2.5x zoom.

In addition to low-light performance, the cameras also feature IR LED illumination supporting a distance of 40m (30IRE).

Each model can be ordered in either a white or black housing to suit any installation requirements.


Online guard control system upgrade

COREDINATE’s online guard control system, which it offers as a cloud-based subscription model (SaaS), is expanding its range of functions to include a duty scheduling module.

Coredinate-computer-23The task management function aims to remind security staff of tasks, which no longer have to be scheduled as it is linked to a worker’s shift.

In addition, the integrated dead man‘s alarm is designed for integrity and calls for help if necessary.

Duplicate tasks would not occur as much, according to the vendor, as user maintenance is carried out in one central system instead of two, which would have been a guard control system and a duty scheduling tool.

Automatic reports or direct access help to ensure that the security service invoices, and services are made ‘tangible and transparent‘ for the paying customer.

Those who previously had to resort to a separate software would no longer ‘platform hop‘, according to the vendor.

Johnson Controls

Two-Door Four-Reader Controller launched

Johnson Controls has launched a DCM200 door control module as part of its CEM Systems range of access control solutions.

Designed to directly interface with CEM Systems’ AC2000 access control software versions 10.2 or higher, the DCM200 is a two-door controller which is said to support a combination of up to four Wiegand or CEM Systems smart card readers.

With IES 128 encryption, it provides bi-directional communications for connecting readers to DCM200 control panels and with advanced security features, eliminates the threat of Wiegand signal cloning.

The DCM200 are further uses TLS v1.2 communications to the host server and a Secure Element on-board for secure key storage, updates and boots, whilst offering future support for 802.1x network authentication.

The DCM200 is ‘easy to deploy’ with the installer configuring the IP address by simply selecting DIP switches using DHCP or auto-configuration. When connected to an Ethernet network, the DCM200 is then said to self-configure and receive the database of up to 50,000 cardholders in under two minutes.

Designed with both the end-user and installer in mind, the DCM200 comes with a dashboard which can to assist with local and remote troubleshooting, as well as the monitoring and configuration of the DCM200 and any equipment connected to it, according to the vendor.

The dashboard is designed to provide operators with visual indicators and data on the status of the network, power, doors, inputs/outputs and database status and allows operators to remotely configure network settings and set limits for outputs, such as read heads, locks and auxiliary outputs.


VMS added to Pelco IP Camera Series

Qognify, announced an addition to the portfolio of devices supported in its video management software Qognify VMS.

The latest IP camera series from Pelco can be used with Qognify’s video solution for corporate and enterprise projects. This increases the overall number of camera models and third-party devices supported in Qognify VMS to more than 6,500, according to the vendor.

This is made possible by Qognify’s Smart Driver approach, which also contains a driver for ONVIF profile S/G/T.

The architecture is designed to enable the use of new camera models ‘out of the box’ without the need to download and install additional driver packages.

The integration includes Pelco’s Sarix Value, Sarix Pro 4 and Esprit Enhanced Series, with more cameras to follow during the next couple of months, according to the vendor. The detailed integration status of each camera model can be found in the “supported devices” section of the Qognify website.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye introduces new Bridges models

Eagle Eye Networks launched two new Bridges, models 901 and 701, that can connect up to 300 cameras to the cloud, according to the vendor.

These Bridges are said to be suitable for customers with sophisticated networks who need large camera deployments at a single location.

The Eagle Eye Bridge connects to the customer’s existing or newly installed cameras to the Eagle Eye Cloud, designed to provide a full SAAS service for video surveillance.

The 901 and 701 Bridges can perform video analytics, AI, and LPR (license plate recognition).

The Bridges are said to ‘dramatically reduce’ the number of components required for large deployments, with the 901 supporting up to 300 4MP IP cameras and 10 LPR streams, and the 701 supporting up to 150 4MP IP cameras and 10 LPR streams. Designed for simple installation and reliability, the new Bridges are 1U rack mount.

The 901 and 701 Bridges will be available April 30.


Partnership with Factal

Vismo has announced its partnership with Factal, to help companies protect their employees by providing risk data to customers.

The vendor aims to help organisations protect their staff, contract and other workers included, by understanding the risk level of incidents in relation to their employees’ location and monitoring alerts activated on the Vismo App.

Factal provides ‘credible risk data’, using its AI-led True Impact proximity technology, and a team of experienced journalists to detect, verify, and prioritise critical details, all within five minutes or less, according to the firm.

The partnership allows Vismo customers to more easily identify when an employee is in, approaching or near the impact zone of an incident.

They can then provide accurate support to those in the affected area through Vismo’s Mass Notification service, according to the vendor.

Within the Vismo Secure Portal, administrators can choose to view only risk data that is relevant, and filter alerts by the level of severity, to help them manage risks more effectively.

Find out more about Vismo’s partnership with Factal at Safety & Health Expo, which runs alongside IFSEC, between 16-18 May at London’s ExCeL. The team will be on stand SH1474.


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