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January 31, 2023


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Security products round-up – January 2023

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout January 2023. This month we cover everything from Bluetooth access control, AI and explosion protected cameras, through to security system apps and cloud integrations.

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

Axis Communications

Explosion-protected bullet camera

Axis Communications has announced the release of its AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera, specifically designed for ‘Zone and Division 2 hazardous locations’. The camera uses the ‘Ex e’ protection method, an explosion-protection approach referred to as ‘increased safety’ or ‘non-incendive’. This method aims to ensure that no arcs and sparks can appear, and that excessive temperatures cannot be reached, during normal operation of electrical equipment. As a result, electrical equipment using ‘Ex e’ protection cannot ignite gas or dust in the surrounding potentially combustible environment.

AXIS P1468-XLE is said to be a robust, impact- and weather-resistant fixed camera which delivers image quality in 4K resolution under ‘any’ light conditions, through Lightfinder 2.0, Forensic WDR, and OptimizedIR. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the camera is ‘easy to install’.

The camera is also said to provide benefits within health and safety applications and operational efficiency such as early detection of smoke and fire, and monitoring restricted areas. In operational efficiency, the camera is designed to be used for visual verification of various processes and as part of an advanced data-driven sensory network.


New mobile app launched in France

ADI Global Distribution has released a new mobile app to provide French customers with a ‘faster and easier’ way to shop ADI from a mobile device. Installers and trade professionals are said to be able to use the app to search for products, build job lists, check pricing and availability, place orders, track deliveries and manage their ADI account ‘on the go’.

The app is also said to offer a more modern design and ‘advanced’ features providing access to ‘more than 10,000’ products from over 140 brands, and all ADI’s ongoing promotions, monthly sales flyers and real-time stock availability.

In addition to the new App, ADI recently made upgrades to its website to deliver an enhanced online shopping experience for customers. As part of the upgrade, customers are said to experience faster load times, easier navigation, more user guides, data sheets and content, improved ability to find related products and a greater consistency across product listings.

ADI also launched the new app in the UK and Netherlands earlier this year, and in the US last year. The company has plans to release a version of the app for additional countries in the coming months.


Midnight Black Collection released for security detection

The Midnight Black Collection has been created for businesses and sites that require or prefer a security solution which offers a more contemporary and ‘discreet’ protection that complements their surroundings. The products from the collection include:

  • Capture – said to be a ‘high performing’, reliable and easy to install range of detectors
  • Wired and Wireless Keypads – designed with ‘intuitive’ operation, ergonomic design and backlit keys, includes a large blue LCD menu system and can include proximity tags for additional ease in arming and disarming
  • Impaq S Series – perimeter protection which aims to provide shock detection with VIBER Accelerometer Technology for intruder detection
  • The Micro Contact-W – Wireless security technology which is designed to provide ‘unobtrusive’, discreet security
  • The Micro Shock-W – designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide an early warning of an attempted intrusion ‘before’ a break-in occurs


8-Channel HD encoder added to video solution range

IDIS has extended its range of video solutions with the launch of a new 8-channel DP-DE2108 HD encoder.

The device aims to digitise various brands of analogue camera signals to provide HD image quality, designed for end-users to continue to support legacy cameras, use a mix-and-match analogue and IP approach, or manage phased upgrades to full network surveillance.

The encoder is said to allow HD analogue, SD analogue, and HD-TVI cameras to be ‘quickly and easily’ integrated into a DirectIP network solution, delivering video of up to 5MP when using an HD-TVI signal. In addition, the encoder is said to feature four audio inputs, quadruple streaming up to 30ips per channel, and supports OSC control over coaxial cabling.

The features of DP-DE2108 provide many of the benefits of IP ‘without the cost’ of a complete network conversion. It is designed to enable a unified approach to managing analogue or IP cameras from either the license-free IDIS Center VMS or IDIS Solution Suite (ISS), with a modular choice of enterprise-level services.

Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet X Series AI Fisheye camera released in Europe

Hanwha Techwin has launched the XNF-9013RV, an AI fisheye camera designed to make AI at the edge more accessible and actionable for security teams. The camera comes with AI-based object detection, classification, and improved image quality features, along with IK10 vandal resistance.

‘Accurate’ object detection and classification is said to enable operators to quickly identify people, faces, number plates, and vehicle types including cars, trucks, buses, and bicycles.

The camera comes with WiseStream III which applies a low compression rate to objects and people detected and tracked by AI to maintain the quality of the image, whilst applying a high compression rate to the rest of the scene. It is said to improve network bandwidth by up to half in active scenes and 95% in idle scenes, according to Hanwha.

Additionally, WiseNRII is a new camera enhancement that is designed to use AI to identify movement and reduce blur in noisy, low light environments. AI-based Preferred Shutter technology also uses AI to identify the appearance and movement of objects, then is said to re-adjust the Preferred Shutter value to the ‘best level’ to reduce motion blur. Operators can, therefore, see images and events clearly ‘despite’ movement in a frame.

This is complemented by ‘extreme’ WDR that uses Local Contrast Enhancement and Scene Analysis technology aimed to capture ‘ultra-clear’ images even in environments with strong backlight conditions. Advanced Lens Distortion Correction also works to correct the distorted images commonly seen with fisheye lenses.


Fire Safety on the cloud

Comelit-PAC has ‘evolved’ its LogiFire fire safety range to enable monitoring and management via cloud technology through its MyComelit app.

The fire system, with its ‘user-friendly’ touchscreen display and design, is now available to operate with the app, designed for users to log, manage and administrate the commissioning, servicing, maintenance, testing, performance and day-to-day use of the connected fire alarm systems.

LogiFire is ‘guaranteed’ by a range of control panels. The system is designed to be expanded from one to eight loops, support ‘up to 2000’ devices on an eight-loop system and have a greater loop capacity of 700mAh. The panels are feature rich and are said to have many onboard fault-finding diagnostics.

The move to cloud technology and remote monitoring via MyComelit app, means that users can check their status across their fire safety network on a ‘remote basis’, making sure they are always connected and fully operational. Event notifications aim to be sent via email and/or SMS messaging.

Logifire addressable system, has been designed to offer a ‘simple to install’, fire safety solution that said to be compliant with BS and EN standards. It is complemented with a new range of detectors, offered with designs to ensure systems blend with their surroundings.

Find out more about the Comelit-PAC Logifire range here.


Forensic Video Search included in cloud video subscriptions

Arcules has announced that its newly released Forensic Video Search will now be a standard feature in its cloud-video service at ‘no additional charge’.

Forensic Video Search, originally released in late 2022, is designed to manage and analyse vast amounts of information generated from video and IoT devices. Users are said to be able to quickly identify the video data and events that have the biggest impact on their business. Forensic search is designed to identify vehicles and people, and delivers advanced search capabilities based on colour, area of interest, and desired level of resemblance. Video data from any camera connected to an Arcules cloud gateway can be analysed with forensic search, saving hours versus manual thumbnail searching, according to the Arcules.

“Businesses recognise that they need to make fundamental changes to their video surveillance infrastructures to stay competitive, ensure safety, and optimise business but they often lack the data to make it happen,” said Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules. “Forensic search is a core tool that helps users gather the information required to understand potential risks, identify inefficiencies, and realise greater ROI from their video investments.”


Bluetooth key deposit for key access 

Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions have revealed their new, jointly developed, ABLOY Key Deposit for Keyless Access. It is designed to enable keyless access to properties with a smartphone via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. With the deposit, property managers are said to be able to grant different user groups access to properties via the users’ mobile phones, without the need for key logistics and access control.

The product broadens the range of two product families, each of which is designed to meet the requirements of both critical infrastructure and other institutional as well as commercial organisations.

The key deposit can be used to provide access for user groups that do not have access to the organisation’s access control system. These may include subcontractors, such as maintenance staff, who need to enter the premises, who can use their own phones to open the key deposit to obtain a physical key to a specific location.

The device is also designed to perform in harsh conditions. The lock is battery-powered with a real-time clock and connectivity, ‘ensuring’ secure and predictable operations and is said to be ‘future-proof’. It can be supplied with backup power if the battery is flat. The product is said to have an optional automatic self-locking feature, meaning that it will lock itself if the user forgets to lock it. The product will become available in stages in ‘selected markets’ globally by regional ABLOY Critical Infrastructure and Abloy sales units respectively. Deliveries will start in early 2023.


5MP edge AI camera range launched

The new range of Edge AI cameras from IDIS build on the company’s focus of ‘extending the scalable use’ of its self-developed Deep Learning Engine to meet security, safety, and operational needs with AI-powered appliances, servers, and software to suit organisations of ‘all sizes’ in a wide range of vertical markets.

The 5MP dome (DC-D4537RXA and DC-D4537HRXA) and bullet (DC-T4537HRXA) models come with the power IDIS Deep Learning Engine on-board, ‘unlocking’ more efficient processing capability at the edge.

AI capabilities on the edge aim to support operators with detecting objects such as people, faces, and vehicles, and improve image quality. AI features include line crossing, intrusion, object, loitering and face detection.

These indoor and outdoor-ready models feature IDIS Smart Failover, true WDR, H.265 and IDIS Intelligent Codec, and PoE. The devices also have a three-axis mechanical design to support rapid, plug-and-play installation and ‘seamless’ connectivity with IDIS network recorders, faster investigations, and a choice of cost-free IDIS Center or enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite VMS.

The cameras are particularly useful for customers that want ‘highly accurate’ alerts and notifications and to target specific detection at vulnerable perimeters, vehicle access and parking areas, entrances and exits, and sensitive or risk-critical locations, according to IDIS.


Co-branded security system mobile app 

Ajax has unveiled an updated app aimed at helping security companies increase brand awareness and for customers to receive better service. A partnered security company can now place its logo on the main screen of the Ajax Security System mobile app, where the client can ‘tap’ on the logo to view the account status and contact information.

The app is designed to allow ‘full control’ over a security system whether users are away from home, office, or any protected facility. A user is also said to receive device statuses, instant notifications, event logs, and automation scenarios.

System owners are said to be able to watch streams from security cameras, use photo verification of alarms, Geofence, an in-app panic button, and many other features. The co-branded app has ‘all the benefits’ of the Ajax app but with a partnered company’s logo.

When a user opens a co-branded app and uses it to interact with the system, they will see the additional logo feature, according to Ajax.

With ‘one click’ on the company’s logo in the app, the client is designed to have access to contact data for ‘prompt’ resolution of security issues and sees their account status (if the billing function is enabled). When it’s time to pay for services, the user can see it in the app as the account status is said to turn red.

The client knows the status of security services without unnecessary communication and reminders from the company manager. This is said to make the interaction more relaxed, saves the client’s time and the company’s resources.

The solution is only available to authorised partners of Ajax Systems.


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