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IFSEC Global India Correspondent, IFSEC Global

March 23, 2015

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Biometric Registration under NPR Starts in Srinagar

Photo By: Kannanshanmugam,shanmugamstudio,Kollam. License - 3.0 Unporte

Photo By: Kannanshanmugam,shanmugamstudio,Kollam. License – 3.0 Unreported

A project to register citizens through biometrics has started in Srinagar district.

Based on National Population Registration (NPR) data linked with Aadhaar cards the project which was inaugurated at Gandhi Bhawan University of Kashmir Joint director, Census, C.S Sapru and Joint Commissioner, SMC, Bashir Ahmed Khan.

The NPR’s objective is to create a comprehensive identity database of every citizen in the country.

The government has mandated M/S Chinar Constructions as the enrollment agency to collect data of all the residents.

Prof Khursheed Andrabi, vice-chancellor, Kashmir University was the first person to be enrolled in the Srinagar district.

While highlighting the significance of Biometric mechanism/Aadhaar cards, CS Sapru said that NPR will help in better targeting benefits and services under various government schemes and programmes and improve national planning and security.

He further added that biometrics enrollment has been completed in 21 districts of Jammu and Kashmir Sate where about 80% of the populace have been enrolled.

The smart cards, which have a unique identity based on biometric data, have applications in various fields – be it admission to colleges and schools, registration of land, property shares, health and medical services and employment, among other fields, suggested Bashir Ahmed Khan.

SMC is now fully equipped with census-related information and shall provide full cooperation in accomplishing this task further, added Khan

The Biometric teams (BME) has been deployed in the city for biometric collection based on NPR data.

These teams will set up camps in various local societies for registering citizens. Permanent BME centres have already been identified in four zones of Srinagar city.


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