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January 19, 2015

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D-Link Launches Network Management Software D-View 7

d view 7Product in a nutshell:  D-View 7 is the latest version of the web-based network management system designed to manage device configurations, performance and troubleshooting. A centralised management platform for controlling, monitoring and configuring multiple devices in different product lines.

Product Features:

  • Convergent network solution that allows users to manage both wired and wireless devices
  • Multiple views of network monitoring, such as device list, device relationships and rack view displaying port status of switches
  • Allows users to create multiple work spaces within D-View 7, with each work space essentially acting as an independent network management system

Integration: The software can manage SNMP supported devices including switches, unified switches, unified APs, standalone APs, and third party SNMP devices. The new probe design can also support complex network environments like double/triple NAT, separated lab networks, and branch offices.

Pricing: Licence-based, pay-for-what-you-need cost structure allowing users to purchase licenses based on number of devices and locations. Full featured free trial version able to manage up to 25 devices in 2 locations with no expiration date

Manufacturer says: “The latest version of D-View brings D-View 6’s standalone software platform to the web, letting users access D-View 7 from anywhere with browsers without the need for installing software”, says Antony Lai, D-Link vice president of business networking.

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