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August 12, 2015


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Delhi Police to Invest Heavily in Smart Technologies to Boost Productivity and Transparency

Delhi Police Ready to Step Into the era of Smart Policing with its Modernisation PlansDelhi Police has finally shifted gears over its long overdue modernisation drive by floating tenders to better equip its officials with smart gadgets.

The modernisation wishlist of Delhi police includes about 6,000 personal digital assistants (PDAs) for investigating officers, 1,000 mobile data terminals for PCR vans and 100 video cameras.

The move will help the department transition into the era of ‘smart’ policing and inch closer to the Prime Minister’s vision of Smart Cities with smart policing a key cog in the wheel.

Through PDAs police officials investigating a crime will be able to efficiently match fingerprints on ground zero while also accessing online dossiers. Information exchange can also be executed much more efficiently.

“For example, if a cop has nabbed a suspect and needs to find out the details of his associates while carrying out a rescue operation in an abduction case, he/she would feed the accused person’s fingerprint, name or any other information, and his entire track record, along with names of gang members, will be available to him in a far-off location,” an officer said.

Transparency in the investigation process and boosted productivity are some of the other benefits that the modernisation drive is expected to bring to police officers.

Data terminals will also be set up in PCR vans to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Video cameras on the other hand will help the force in multiple ways such as recording protests, statements of accused or witnesses, progression of a critical operation underway.

As many as 6,000 e-books are also part of the modernisation procurement for constables by which they can register complaints and stay updated about any recent activity. These GPS enabled devices are also particularly useful for tracking the constable’s location throughout their shift.

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