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August 4, 2015

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Three essential reasons to upgrade your access control technology

GJD Introduces New Range of D-TECT IP Detectors

GJD’s introduces new D-TECT IP rangeProduct in a nutshell: A range of IP detectors that offer advanced signal processing, PoE communications and unique optical systems.

Sectors/Verticals: Suitable for virtually every sector’s requirements, according to GJD.


  • Easy integration: The D-TECT IP range integrates seamlessly with VMS providers and CCTV systems
  • Bespoke web based interface: The customisable web based interface of the D-TECT IP range is both intuitive and grants quick online access. It is also quite user-friendly.  Some of the adjustable settings include the ability to alter the LUX level trigger, sensitivity (Pulse Count), detection range as well as ‘light on’ timers
  • Detailed alarm information: In the event of an intrusion the guards are alerted with detailed alarm information
  • Automatic recording: The detectors initiate recording by directing cameras in the direction of intrusion leaving no scope for any lag
  • Update detector settings from remote location
  • Power over Ethernet connectivity 

For Installers:  Easy to install and integrate with existing security systems and VMS platforms, according to the developer.

Compatibility: Milestone, Mirasys, Seetec, Kentima Ethiris and Griffid are some of the VMS developers whose systems the D-TECT IP range is compatible with.

Manufacturer says: Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s managing director, said: “Our new D-TECT IP detectors provide real-time remote access to enable remote monitoring from anywhere and at any time.”

About Manufacturer: UK-based manufacturer and supplier of professional, external, wired and wireless detector equipment as well as CCTV and lighting controllers used in the intruder surveillance industry. GJD also manufactures the professional Clarius® range of White-Light and Infra-Red LED illuminators for CCTV illumination.

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