insider threat

How a personnel security policy can combat the insider threat

Peter Houlis offers his thoughts on how a well thought through personnel security policy can guard against the insider threat. Read More

Working with the insider threat

In this whitepaper, Ovum explains the significance of the insider threat, what the term means, and understanding the risks involved. Read More

Managing the insider threat

There is much talk in the cyber security world about what is termed the ‘insider threat’. To those not in the know however, the term can be misleading and conveys different things to different people. Read More

WATCH: 5 notorious insider jobs

Some 74% of companies feel vulnerable to insider threats and only 42% are confident in their security countermeasures, a report revealed in 2016. Here are five examples of those fears being realised to spectacular effect. Read More

Mere ‘Compliance’ is Not Enough to Protect Yourself from Data Theft and the Insider Threat

Beware your own internal Edward Snowdon. Take precautions to ensure your privileged users cannot readily steal or leak vast amounts of data, writes Vormetric's CSO. Read More

Security Threats: How the Risk Landscape is Evolving

Insider threats and cyber attacks are among the fastest growing problems in the panoply of risks. Read More

MH370 Disaster and Morrisons Breach Raise Spectre of Insider Threat

After a Morrisons employee was arrested and with MH370 pilots still under some suspicion, Peter Houlis says that attacks from within are rare but hard to spot. Read More

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Working with the insider threat

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