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April 1, 2021

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FIREX Tech Talks

FIREX Tech Talks: Rottguard – DLP fixed fire suppression systems

Rottguard: DLP fixed fire suppression systems

IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20As showcased here, the direct acting low pressure (DLP) Rottguard fixed fire suppression system is said to be cost effective and manufactured at its facility to ISO 9001 2015, for the protection of electrical enclosures, server cabinets and fume cupboards.

Gerard Linehan, Managing Director of Rottguard Fire Systems, introduces viewers to its range of six fire suppression systems for local applications. The systems on show are designed for kitchens, wind turbines, forestry machinery (and others that aren’t totally enclosed), electrical cabinets, tanks and busses. Throughout the explanations, Gerard explains the chemicals involved in each use-case, and how they provide specific benefits to the given applications.

Questions answered by Gerard in the session include:

  • How has the response been from the market so far?
  • How do the DLP fixed fire suppression systems operate?
  • What extinguishing agents are used in the systems?
  • What technical support can Rottguard provide?

Watch the video below to view the full Tech Talk!

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