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March 7, 2011


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ADT releases “A Guide to CCTV in Schools”

As part of the “Security in Schools Series”, ADT outlines best practice recommendations designed to heavily reduce criminal activity on school sites and help prevent large costs incurred as a result of burglary.

According to the School Security Concerns Research Report, local authorities estimate that the cost of replacing equipment in schools due to burglary and theft can run to over GB pound 200,000 in one year alone.

ADT’s tips aim to provide authorities with a comprehensive understanding of how to keep staff, students and buildings secure at all times using the best CCTV technology available.

Crime levels dictate complexity
ADT advises schools to be mindful of the systems available to them when considering the implementation of CCTV technology on site, as crime levels in the localised areas often dictate the complexity of the system in place.

Muriel Runnalls, ADT’s public sector marketing manager, said: “ADT recommends carrying out security assessments to determine risk factors prior to purchasing potentially inappropriate systems.

“Once the facility’s risk levels and general operational needs are identified, the most appropriate CCTV system can be sourced to fit these requirements.”

ADT’s guidelines isolate a number of system considerations for school sites, including:

1. Areas and activities to be covered: General guidelines for camera sites in learning environments.

2. Monitoring and Recording: Analysing the benefits of on-site and remote monitoring, the importance of High Definition (HD) images, and the increased efficiency levels that can be achieved through video analytics and digital recordings.

3. Benefits of IP CCTV: leveraging the significant advantages of IP-based systems both in terms of cost and utilisation, which are becoming increasingly popular because of their flexibility and scalability.

4. Making systems ‘talk’: using integration to enhance levels of protection by creating a single platform that allows individual systems to communicate seamlessly

Runnalls said: “Parents are placing deep trust in schools and learning environments, so it is important that authorities prioritise and deliver high standards of security.

“The varying challenges facing schools today mean that the best security measures involve a combination of physical and electronic deployments for maximum protection on site, and with many innovative technologies on the market, schools have ample opportunities to create a safe and pleasant learning environment for staff and pupils alike.”

“A Guide to CCTV in Schools” is available to download at: http://www.adt.co.uk/ps-cctv-in-schools

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