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March 14, 2011


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ADT releases “A Guide to Intruder Detection in Schools”

The ‘Guide to Intruder Detection in Schools’ offers practical steps to help ensure the protection of school facilities, staff, students and visitors from the growing threats posed by criminal activity and anti-social behaviour that occur on school premises.

Statistics show that crime is becoming an increasing challenge for schools; making increased security measures a necessity.

While intruder alarms are commonplace in the majority of schools, and are indisputably a deterrent for criminals, the guide explains the importance of tailored security systems with in-built specialised detection sensors as well as implementing targeted strategies to reduce false alarms.

ADT’s guidelines isolate a number of alarm considerations for school sites, including:

1. Effective detection and signalling: Covering: meeting compliance standards, enhancing systems using monitored signalling and integrating systems onto a single platform for seamless communication

2. Reducing false alarms: advising best practices in alarm verification to ensure police response and decreasing false triggers using specific sensor technology

3. Adequate response to alarms/safety of key holders: discussing the appropriate behaviour for selected key holders called to a suspect intruder incident for optimum protection of staff, governors and local authority employees

Keeping pupils, staff and school property safe from both accidental incidents and criminal activity is a serious ongoing task that requires specialist guidance.

ADT shares recommendations on how schools can not only select an appropriate intruder system, but also develop an overall security strategy to enhance the protection for staff and pupils across the site.

“Parents are placing deep trust in these learning environments and it is therefore important that schools prioritise and deliver high standards of security,” says Muriel Runnalls, public sector marketing manager at ADT.

“By having the right combination of physical, electronic and procedural measures, facilities can combat the issues that threaten the school environment to protect both the premises and all staff and pupils.

“With the right equipment and the right training, the risks can be massively reduced.”

“A Guide to Intruder Detection in Schools” is available to download at: http://www.adt.co.uk/ps-intruder-detection-in-schools

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