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March 25, 2020


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Product News

Axis enters body worn camera market

Via a live webinar, Axis Communications recently announced its first body worn camera solution designed for use by law enforcement and private security.

Axis-BodyWorn-20The solution – including the robust camera, docking station and system controller – has been designed on an open system architecture, which will allow for integration with a broad range of video management systems (VMS) and evidence management systems (EMS), explains the company. It can also be delivered as an end-to-end solution, using the AXIS Camera Station – its own VMS software.

With the benefits of body worn cameras ranging from capturing evidence and deterrence of criminal activity, to the training of security personnel, Axis believes the move into the market was a logical step.

Fredrik Andersson, Global Product Manager, New Solutions Initiative at Axis Communications, explains: “When we’re in the process of developing a new solution, we’re always committed to deliver the best possible quality of video and audio within the constraints of the specific form factor. For the body worn camera, obvious challenges relate to finding the optimum combination of size, weight, the need for robustness and maximizing battery life. To get all these elements right, our research and iterative design process included numerous conversations with customers, multiple product prototypes and a number of early-stage pilot projects.”

“The same level of thoroughness has been applied throughout the solution, not just the camera unit. We took a holistic view of the customer requirement, from video capture in the field to presentation of evidence in the courtroom. This is where the openness became imperative – customers didn’t want to be forced into a specific VMS and EMS – and also drove key aspects related to security and ensuring the integrity of evidence.”

The new Axis body worn camera system features three main hardware components: the camera itself; the camera docking station (8-bay or 1-bay); and the system controller. Other features include:

  • 1080p video capture
  • Dual microphones for noise suppression
  • Wide dynamic range technology
  • 12-hour battery (can be charged in-car or from a power bank)
  • Axis Zipstream reduces storage demand
  • GPS/GNSS receiver for location tracking
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1

The docking station and the system controller are separate units, while the system is said to be scalable for large and cost-efficient body worn systems. The system controller provides a single integration and management point, and allows for fast and reliable video offloading (100Mbit per camera). All data is encrypted both at rest and in transfer using AES256 and TLS. In addition, video data can be fully end-to-end encrypted with specific integrations.

The AXIS Body Worn Assistant mobile application allows users to review footage and add categories, descriptions and notes.

As Andersson explains, ease of use has been a focus throughout the solution design: “It’s essential that body worn cameras are simple to use in the field by officers and security personnel who may be in stressful situations, poor weather conditions or badly-lit areas. But we were keen that the same ease of use was evident throughout the solution, for operators responsible for the offloading, storage and analysis of the video captured.”

Other recent product launches from Axis include…

The corner-mount camera, Axis Q9216-SLV

  • Vandal-resistant: IK10+/IP66
  • Features 940nm invisible IR illumination to protect privacy
  • Has a wide field-of-view and ensures no area is left uncovered
  • Ideal for high-security installations such as in prisons and psychiatric wards

New generation of Axis M30 Network Camera Series

  • 360° panoramic overview with no blind-spot
  • Forensic WDR, Lightfinder, day/night functionality
  • Small and discreet design
  • The mini-domes are eco-friendly as they are PVC-free and made from 71% recycled materials


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