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August 5, 2022

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Video surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks hits 10 year anniversary

Eagle Eye Networks marked 10 years of business in the cloud video surveillance space in July. Launched in 2012 in North America, the company has grown to incorporate a global network of more than 2,500 channel partners and customers in 90 countries, with offices in Amsterdam, Tokyo and Bangalore, alongside 12 data centres purpose-built for video surveillance.

EagleEye-10Years-22“Over the past decade, Eagle Eye Networks developed close partnerships with our customers,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “I want to thank them for being the inspiration for many of the innovations we’ve brought to market. Our customers have also encouraged us to provide global service, and we have therefore expanded to 12 global data centres to deliver cloud video surveillance around the world.”

“We look forward to more collaboration in the next decade as we further develop our AI and technology ecosystem to support the security and business intelligence needs of our valued customers,” Drako said.

Eagle Eye has outlined some of its innovation highlights over the past 10 years, which include:

  • Video API Platform: The API is said to allow “complete choice” for customers because it integrates with a limitless number of third-party applications, analytics, and systems such as point of sale, access control, and other mission-critical systems. Eagle Eye integrates with more than 10,000 makes and models of cameras, allowing customers to choose their camera manufacturer, and use existing cameras.
  • Cloud-Premises Flex Storage: Gives customers flexibility to adjust the portion of video stored in the cloud and the portion stored on-premises, ranging from 0 to 100%.
  • Bandwidth Management: Designed to make cloud-based delivery of surveillance services possible to areas with reduced or limited internet connectivity.
  • Camera Cyber Lockdown: Blocks cameras from communicating with the internet, stops them from being attacked and compromised, and will not allow any trojans which may have been implanted in the cameras to communicate with the internet.
  • EE Cloud Camera Specification: Allows manufacturers to connect cameras, DVRs and encoders to the cloud via an open source, secure, camera-to-cloud connectivity SDK.
  • Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition): Using AI + cloud, said to make LPR possible on any security camera, with very high accuracy, even in challenging conditions.
  • Eagle Eye VSP (vehicle surveillance package): Captures license plate and vehicle information received from distributed cameras and sends it to the cloud to deliver business intelligence.

“It’s been a remarkable and rewarding ten years, but we’re just getting started,” added Drako. “The power of artificial intelligence executed in cloud data centres will make surveillance video truly valuable. Eagle Eye will continue to deliver more AI features and functions–critical business tools–that organisations need to safeguard facilities, understand trends, improve processes and customer service.”

As part of the Eagle Eye 10 year anniversary, Drako is hosting two webinars in August to discuss the growth and innovation the industry has and will continue to experience.

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