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April 5, 2017


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Genetec integrates gunshot detection into Security Center

Genetec, the provider of open architecture software, hardware and cloud-based solutions for security and public safety, has integrated ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology from SST Inc into its unified IP security platform, Security Center.

By integrating real-time video and data related to gunshot incidents within its IP security platform, Genetec can help reduce emergency response time.

The integration, which will be available from the second quarter of 2017, enables law enforcement officers and security teams gain better tactical intelligence, allowing them to get to the exact scene of the incident faster, stay safer and have the ability to engage the shooter, interview witnesses and collect key evidence.

Police officers that are first on the scene in response to gunshot incidents say that typically in these situations it is difficult to ascertain where precisely the gunshot came from and whether the gunfire was still occurring. This creates uncertainties that put police and communities at risk in such situations.

“Maximal awareness”

“This integration is beneficial for many of our customers who require maximal awareness during emergency situations,” said Bob Carter, business development manager at Genetec Inc. “Their security operators can now react faster to gunshot incidents and get access to video and metadata surrounding the event.

“We believe that this technology can greatly improve the safety of communities, and ultimately save lives.”

ShotSpotter uses wide-area acoustic surveillance automatically activated when gunfire occurs, providing comprehensive outdoor coverage on campuses and in complex urban geographies.

The technology, which combines sensors and cloud-based analysis software, is able to triangulate and pinpoint the precise location of each round fired within seconds, the number of shots fired and provide an immediate gunfire alert with an audio clip.

The data is immediately sent to SST’s Incident Review Center (IRC), a secure data processing and alert validation facility. Here, acoustics experts analyse the data and qualify the incident in real-time. Once validated, an alert is sent directly to Security Center, in under a minute.

Once the alarm is triggered within Security Center upon gunshot detection, operators can quickly access video and other related data surrounding the location of a gunshot alert, and immediately visualise it on maps in the software.

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are instantly pointed at the gunshot location, and bookmarks are automatically created on the Security Center timeline. Operators can then follow shooter events in real-time through the map interface and live video to make informed decisions.

Security Center is also able to display relevant metadata on the map, such as type of gunshot, number of rounds, address and so on.

Genetec also recently expanded its access control platform with SimonsVoss e-locks.

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