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February 10, 2021

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Case study

Mexican jewellery boutique elevates security system with Vivotek

With high value items on offer, Peyrelongue Chronos, a well-known luxury boutique offering high-end jewellery in Mexico, specified Vivotek cameras to support its security operations and monitor its assets.

Having remodelled its facilities, the store’s requirements were met by Vivotek’s range of cameras which ensure there are no blind spots to reduce potential robberies and theft.

Vivotek-Jewellery-21On the façade of the building, the 180-degree multi-sensor MS8391-EV was specified to maximise the field of view with 12-megapixel images and reduce the number of cameras required. The camera is also said to be ideal for external environments, due to its robust housing that resists rain and dust and protects it from vandalism or tampering.

To enhance the outdoor security of the building, two FD9360-H cameras were added to monitor the avenue in both directions and provide clearer views at night.

Inside the Peyrelongue Chronos store, two MS9390-HV models were fitted. The panoramic network cameras were installed in the jewellery area to survey all displays, as well as all movements within them. The device has a range of 20 metres and uses four sensors to maintain a higher field of view.

Two 12-megapixel fisheye cameras, the FE8191 and FE9191 were chosen to monitor the product showcases in the watch area, delivering 360-degree surround imaging of wide areas to reduce blind spots. The FE9191 also features AI-powered Video Content Analyses – Smart 360 VCA, including intrusion detection, crowd detection, and loitering detection, which enables the security staff to receive alarm notifications for any notable event.

Finally, for the shared area, such as aisles, entrances, and exits, the 5-megapixel and 2-megapixel dome cameras, FD9189-HM and FD8166A-N, were chosen for their ability to capture high-quality images in low light and high-contrast environments.

“Thanks to VIVOTEK’s high-level security system, we are confident that we can guarantee our clients the best experience from the moment they walk in. Peyrelongue Chronos feels secure with VIVOTEK’s surveillance solution while servicing clients,” explained Ana Lucía García, Marketing and PR Manager of Peyrelongue Chronos.

Serafin Sanchez, Automatization Server Manager and Integrator, also added: “The most remarkable thing when working with Vivotek is technical support. They assisted me both pre-sale and post-sale to provide quality service to our customers. No matter what types of security issue my clients may have, I know I can solve it with Vivotek’s technology.”

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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