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January 21, 2020

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Product News

New range of bullet and dome cameras launched by IDIS

The new models are said to deliver advanced search and analytics functions and have been launched at this year’s Intersec.

The new line-up of Edge VA bullet and dome cameras from IDIS are said to help improve the efficiency of security operations in retail, banking and commercial settings, thanks to the in built analytics the products feature.

The new cameras build on the power of IDIS Instant Meta Filtering, allowing users to easily access and search large volumes of video data using the cost- and license-free IDIS Center VMS, in  order to speed up investigations.

The toolkit within Edge VA functionality includes line cross, loitering and object detection, as well as other useful features such as audio detection, active-tampering, trip zones, and alarm in capability.

The new domes include full HD IR domes (DC-D6233RX), full HD flush IR domes (DC-D6233FRX), full HD vandal-resistant IR domes (DC-D6233HRX and DC-6243HRX), and the LightMaster full HD IR dome (DC-D6233HRXL). Each of the models delivers 1080p resolution, two way audio, IDIS Smart Failover to protect against loss of data and “outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions with true wide dynamic range (WDR), easily handling rapidly changing light and shade”, says the company.


Similar features are delivered with the new full-HD bullet camera range too, which includes models with built-in heaters (DC-T6233HRX and DC6243HRX), IR tech and a PIR sensor (DC-T6234HRX), and an addition to the IDIS LightMaster range.

Both the bullets and domes feature IDIS’s plug-and-play installation and one-click peer-to-peer configuration, which are designed to ensure rapid, trouble free set up and improved, multi-layer cyber security, including two-factor authentication and eliminate the need for engineers to manually enter passwords even for multi-site deployments.

The analytics capability of the cameras is said to allow easy-to-search-by colour and type of object (for example, people, cars, and bicycles) and number, to reduce delays in investigations. In addition, a new IDIS mapping tool allows users to select a specific camera on an intuitive layout plan, and live view or playback video in the corner of the screen to further improve control room and operator efficiency.

“This new line-up will let customers achieve new levels of efficiency with easy-to-use analytics that address their key priorities,” Harry Kwon, General Manager, IDIS Middle East and Africa (MEA). “And for installers and integrators, the 6000 range is a valuable addition to the choice of IDIS end-to-end solutions, giving them successful project delivery and trouble-free maintenance going forward.”

For more information on the 6000 Series of cameras and other IDIS innovations, visit www.idisglobal.com.

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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