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September 25, 2023


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Turkish university streamlines video surveillance system with VMS installation

The Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU), Turkey has had a video surveillance upgrade by IDIS to help protect its students and staff. 

IDIS-Turkey University1-23

Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU)

ASBU is located in the city centre of Ankara and has around 5,500 students annually. With a busy site, the university also has to deal with an increased risk of incidents, including crime and anti-social behaviour.

A 350-camera surveillance system, monitored 24/7 from ASBU’s control room, had been scaled several times over the years. But the resulting mix of six different vendor brands had left the VMS struggling, with frozen live images, a hard-to-manage data burden, and difficult to use controls.

Due to this, IDIS’ integration partner 11S Savunma Sanayi ve Güvenlik Sistemleri, was asked to devise an upgrade.

The IDIS Solution Suite VMS (ISS Expert) was used, said to be able to register all the mix-and-match cameras and devices, including recorders and a 3×3 video wall.
With the project completed, the controls and functionality of all cameras were easier to use for operators. They are now able to control the system from their workstations as well as from the video wall, with browser features designed to allow the university’s fire system to display on the same screen.

IDIS MapVue was also added, with a schematic showing the locations of the cameras, aimed to improve domain awareness and make navigational playback.

Motion detection cameras included

A further 100 cameras are set to be added in the next phase of the project when two renovated accommodation buildings will also benefit from upgraded surveillance. The new cameras will include 12MP Fisheyes and domes, which are said to be suitable for historic buildings where ceiling heights are up to 9m, and where full coverage is needed, with minimal structural modifications.

IDIS-Turkey University2-23Designed to save bandwidth and reduce the storage burden, cameras in corridors, the basement, and other key areas have been set to record only when motion is detected, using a combination of the IDIS’ Motion Adaptive Transmission, and ONVIF motion detection on other brands.

ASBU’s security team can also bookmark recorded events to be able to skip from scene to scene when reviewing recordings, while the next project phase will include its Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) tool for automated footage review.

“IDIS Solution Suite solved all the problems we had with our complex and ageing system, with an easy upgrade that extends the life and performance of all our cameras,” says Zafer Buldu, Manager of Hardware & Technical Services, ASBU.

Koray Ozyildirim, IDIS Turkey Country Manager said: “IDIS Solution Suite has turned ASBU’s cluttered and failing system into a powerful, integrated surveillance solution that is easy to use, adapt, and upgrade, with the assurance of an extended lifespan backed by industry-best warranties.”


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