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January 27, 2014

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Video: The Future of Security Remains End-User-Led

We spoke to IFSEC’s Premier Partners about the big trends in the security industry.

The main theme running through these interviews seemed to be making business simpler, a trend being mostly driven by the end user.

Jeroen Cleijne, Panasonic’s European product manager, spoke about more cameras recording into the cloud instead of just local NVRs, something that is “more convenient” for the end user of the surveillance camera.

Similarly, Risco’s UK & Ireland sales manager for intruder detection systems, Mike Lawrence, spoke about how the consumer market for smartphones has led to increased demand for app technology allowing end users to have up-to-the-minute information on their security systems remotely.

Meanwhile, representatives of Anixter and D-Link both spoke about convergence and IP — hardly a new trend, but very much an ongoing one.

Anixter’s Security Solutions VP for marketing, Steve Anson, explained how they have been a part of this convergence in other industries through the years, starting with voice and data in the 90s, and now reaching the security industry. “The guys who are doing the network integration today are also needing to understand how they can learn more about the security applications, and how that fits into their network,” he said.


On a slightly different note, Simon Banks, managing director of CSL Dualcom, spoke about how apprenticeships are in the spotlight, both on a national level generally and specifically within the security industry.

CSL Dualcom helped set up the 100 in 100 apprenticeships campaign in 2011 with Skills for Security, a campaign that annually aims to get over 100 young people into apprenticeships in security companies.

He also spoke about how installers are looking to add value to their businesses and find new business streams, and the desire from end users for simpler, more mobile, information-rich security systems is certainly one element that will allow them to do this.

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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