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James Moore is the Managing Editor of IFSEC Insider, the leading online publication for security and fire news in the industry. James writes, commissions, edits and produces content for IFSEC Insider, including articles, breaking news stories and exclusive industry reports. He liaises and speaks with leading industry figures, vendors and associations to ensure security and fire professionals remain abreast of all the latest developments in the sector.
April 18, 2023


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Distributor news

Distributor spotlight with DVS – “The role of distributors has become more advisory as markets have converged and security tech evolved”

As part of this year’s IFSEC Distributor Network, Commercial Director for Midwich’s Security Division, Gavin Dunleavy, offers his thoughts on why DVS is looking forward to being part of the network in May. Gavin also shares his thoughts on the sector, and how the role of distributors has changed as security technology has evolved and markets converged.

The new Distributor Network programme at IFSEC and FIREX 2023 will see major security and fire distributors host their installer customers and manufacturing partners on the show floor at the event in May.

Meet distributor partners and get your free ticket for the show, here >>

IFSEC Global (IG): Hi Gavin, can you give us a brief introduction to DVS and the solutions you provide customers in the security/fire sector?


Gavin Dunleavy, Commercial Director for Midwich’s Security Division (Midwich Group owns DVS)

Gavin Dunleavy (GD): DVS is a leading distributor of electronic security products specialising in CCTV, Access Control, Intercom etc. We were bought by Midwich last year which has allowed us to offer far more to our customers, Commercial LED being the most recently onboarded offering.

Our solutions are designed to cater to various applications and we work closely with installers, integrators, and specifiers to ensure our customers receive the right products and services for their specific needs.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also offer technical support, training, and bespoke solutions to help our customers get the most out of their security systems.

IG: Great, thanks. So, what’s new with DVS?

GD: At DVS, we are constantly striving to improve and evolve our offerings to meet the needs of our customers. We were purchased by Midwich Group last year which has brought additional resources and expertise to the table, which has led to improvements in the quality of products or services offered to customers. This could include enhanced customer support, more efficient processes, or expanded offerings.

Our #REALINSTALLERS Partnership Program: We have continued to support our customer’s business through our referral website. Our only portal lists our trusted customers business acting where end user customers can search their local area for installers.

We not only drive all organic end user engagement to the #REALINSTALLERS Club, we also invest a lot of money into paid adverts to generate business for our customers.

IG: You’re part of this year’s IFSEC & FIREX Distributor Network – what are you most looking forward to at the show in May?

GD: I am most looking forward to the opportunity to connect with industry peers and explore new products and technologies in the security space. This will be at the show of course… but also at the DVS open bar on the Tuesday evening.

Come find the DVS team on stand IF4035 at IFSEC in May!

Networking is a crucial aspect of any trade show, and I am excited to meet with other distributors, manufacturers, and end-users to discuss market trends and explore potential business opportunities. This will provide valuable insights into the latest developments in the industry and help me better understand the needs and preferences of my customers.

In addition, I am eager to explore the latest products and technologies on display at the show. Our vendors are renowned for showcasing innovative security solutions, and I am looking forward to discovering new products that can help serve my customers and keep them ahead of the competition.

IG: And why should security professionals come and see you in London?

GD: DVS provides access to a wide range of high-quality security products from leading manufacturers. This means that professionals can find all the products they need to meet their specific requirements in one place, saving them time and effort in sourcing products from multiple suppliers.

Our show staff can provide attendees with access to high-quality products, expert knowledge and advice, and personalised service and support, all in one convenient location. This can help them to improve the services they offer end users, while saving time, effort, and money in the process.

IG: OK, we’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve got planned then – sounds exciting! Overall, how do you feel the role of the distributor in the has changed in the past 5-10 years?

GD: The role of the distributor in the security supply chain has evolved significantly, driven by advances in technology, changing customer needs, and increasing market competition. Distributors are no longer just conduits between suppliers and customers, but are increasingly seen as key partners in the industry, providing value-added services and solutions to both suppliers and customers.

DVS training in full swing – “Distributors are no longer just conduits between suppliers and customers, but key partners in the industry…”

As a distributor, we support the industry by staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, and by working closely with both suppliers and customers to provide the highest level of service and support possible. This includes providing training and education, offering technical support, and working closely with customers to understand their unique needs and challenges, and providing customised solutions to meet those needs.

IG: From what you’re seeing, are there any key trends in security that installers, integrators or specifiers should be aware of?

GD: Absolutely. Alongside what we mentioned in the last question, there’s a few things we’re seeing. Three key trends in the physical/electronic security that installers, integrators, and specifiers should be aware of are the increasing adoption of AI and machine learning technologies, the growing importance of cyber security, and the shift towards cloud-based solutions.

AI and machine learning technologies are being integrated into security systems to provide more advanced features such as facial recognition, predictive analytics, and real-time threat detection.

Cyber security is also becoming increasingly important, with more and more security systems being connected to the internet. This requires installers, integrators, and specifiers to have a strong understanding of cyber security best practices and to implement appropriate security measures.

The shift towards cloud-based solutions is also a key trend, driven by the need for more flexibility and scalability. Cloud-based solutions provide easier remote access, reduce hardware and maintenance costs, and enable more efficient system management.

DVS will be on stand IF4035 at IFSEC between 16-18 May at London’s ExCeL.

Meet the team to find out more by registering for your free ticket, here.


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