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May 16, 2022


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“Not just in the movies” – Join the Converged Security Centre discussion at IFSEC 2022

Sarb Sembhi and James Willison underline why IFSEC’s Converged Security Centre should not be missed, and reveal the line-up of live scenarios showcased over the three days with expert panellists.

Not just the movies

A Converged Security Centre is a centre run by a team consisting of all the relevant skills to provide the required security response from a single point of view. The only public vision of such things used to be in the movies, and often run by either NASA or the CIA in the United States. Very rarely did we see any such concept beyond the national, or indeed international importance conveyed outside of the movies. These seemed to give the impression that such things were not real outside of movies, or just not relevant to enterprise security.

A lot has changed, security for example has become critically important for all sectors, public, private, national, as well as regional and local. Outside of the movies, IFSEC has championed what a Converged Security Centre could look like for several years. It was the brainchild of both Gerry Dunphy (Event Director, Informa) and James Willison (Founder of Unified Security), following the work James and Sarb Sembhi had been doing on convergence for over 10 years. IFSEC has showcased several technologies such a centre can bring together as well as how teams can work together to achieve the benefits.

The converged security centre is back

After a forced break by the lockdown for two years, the Converged Security Centre is back! This year we will be clearly demonstrating the following scenarios which show that the converged approach is not just for NASA or the CIA, and that these centres can be of great benefit to almost any sector, environment and scenario to protect people, property and livelihoods.

James Willison and Sarb Sembhi will be introducing real use cases of crime prevention solutions presented by Advancis and Kaseware for converged security centres. So, if you are looking to set up a converged security centre, or to upgrade your current one, or are just curious, come along and find out how our group of experts have been doing it, IFSEC is the place to be between Tuesday 17 to Thursday 19 May 2022.

Programme of use cases and thought leaders

The programme kicks off on the first day of IFSEC at 11AM, with a visit from BBC’s Dominic Littlewood on Wednesday afternoon, and the final session taking place on Thursday morning at 11AM.

Tuesday 17th May 11:00: Transport – The industry speaker is Jaspal Jandu, who is the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Toyota Connected. Jaspal has vast experience in responding to global cyber incidents, which he will be bringing to this session.

Tuesday 17th May 13:00: Education – The industry speaker is Professor Alison Wakefield, Co-Director of the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre at the University of West London, and also a past Chair of the Security Institute. Alison brings a wealth of knowledge through her work with industry and academia.

Tuesday 17th May 15:00: Data Centres – The industry speaker is Alan Jenkins, Cyber Security Advisor. Alan has worked with some of the largest respected enterprises as well as advised cyber security start-ups. He has been a great advocate of Converged Security for many years.


Wednesday will see experts discuss how a converged security centre can support in securing healthcare facilities

Wednesday 18th May 11:00: Healthcare – The industry speaker is Mo Ahddoud, who has a lot of experience of the UK’s critical infrastructure and been a Chief Information Security Officer at an energy supplier. Mo will be bringing his vast experience to shed light on the importance of Convergence on Incident Response.

Wednesday 18th May 13:00: Finance – The industry speaker is Jason Shaw, Security Technologist & Associate Director at AECOM. Jason brings his experiences of intelligent building technologies and has contributed to upcoming IoT Security Foundation guidance.

Wednesday 18th May 14:30/15:00: Public Spaces – This session will bring in questions regarding public spaces, malls and halls.

Thursday 19th May 11:00: Critical Infrastructure – The industry speaker is Nigel Stanley, Director of Cybersecurity/ Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity at Jacobs. Nigel has experience across all industry sectors through his consultancy work and then with the TÜV Rheinland Group.

Security technology showcase partners

The security technology partners we will be showcasing over the three days include Advancis, Kaseware, Samsung Electronics and VuWall. Here is why they are looking forward to this year’s event…

Richard McClellan – Commercial Director at Advancis UK comments: “We are delighted to be part of the Converged Security Centre for IFSEC 2022. With WinGuard, our Open PSIM platform, we will be showcasing how the latest physical & cyber security technologies can converge to provide a control centre with more meaningful information, enabling operators to make more informed decisions, increasing situational awareness, security and the safety of people and assets.”

John Gill, Executive Vice President at Kaseware, also a part of this year’s feature, adds: “Kaseware is honored to be part of the Converged Security Centre and we look forward to exhibiting the power and field-tested value of the product alongside our partners at the IFSEC event. As a premiere data management and data analytics platform, convergence is at the heart of our offering because the benefit that our solution provides to customers around the world is greatest when the amount and type of data it helps manage and analyse, is from multiple and disparate sources.”

Come to your Converged Security Centre of tomorrow

If you want to explore the opportunities and possibilities of the Converged Security Centre for the future, IFSEC 2022 is the place to be. You’ll be able to explore how you can benefit from the improvements that such solutions can bring to your environment.

While technology is not the be-all and end-all, it can be the foundation for a very highly effective converged security centre. We’ve advocated for physical and logical teams to work hand-in-hand with each other for many years, and whilst some have successfully been able to do this, others have found that it’s much harder. Having and using common technologies with skilled colleagues at hand ready to help you always makes the transition much smoother.

Our choice of partners and speakers brings together a perfect combination to explore that next step to your converged security centre of tomorrow. Now that the lockdown is long gone, it is the right time to come and join us.


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