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November 30, 2017

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022


Redvision launches VOLANT rugged camera domes

Redvision, a UK manufacturer of rugged CCTV cameras and housings, has launched IP and analogue VOLANT rugged domes.

According to Stephen Lightfoot, technical director at Redvision, VOLANT draws on the company’s experience of building cameras for tough, hazardous and corrosive, outdoor surveillance applications.

The company took features from its X-SERIES PTZ, considered critical for rugged applications.

Lightfoot says: “We have a die-cast, aluminium body and flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window with silicon wiper, for outdoor use. We have also developed a unique, encoder interface, so the VOLANT and X-SERIES work seamlessly on the same control platforms, with an identical, Redvision web interface.”

Redvision has used the Sony STARVIS 30x camera module to achieve very good low-light performance.

VOLANT includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light LED illuminators, set in a ring surrounding the camera window to provide lighting in any field of view effective up to 150m in complete darkness.

The VOLANT range also incorporates the preset, short-cut control from the X-SERIES, allowing fast access to white-light.

IP and analogue models of VOLANT cameras are available. They include ONVIF compliant, full HD, IP with 30x optical zoom and SD analogue with 20x or 30x optical zoom.

Redvision unveiled the first models of the VOLANT – and customisable camera housing range, VEGA – at IFSEC 2017.

In the run-up to the launch, IFSEC Global caught up with the company’s founder and director, Paul Hucker, and MD, Dermot Grace, to find out how the company is positioning itself in the surveillance market.

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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