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December 16, 2021


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Security products round-up – December 2021

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market across November and December. This month we cover the latest in asset management and access control integration, next generation IP speakers, video wall technology and more! 

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:


Video wall technology more accessible 

IDIS says its new Intelligent Video Wall Station brings the benefits of video wall services to a wider market, including smaller and mid-sized organisations. 

Designed as a simple plug-in for the cost and license free IDIS Center VMS, the company says the video wall station makes it easier for businesses to plan, design, configure and use dynamic video walls with centralised monitoring for single or multiple sites, without the traditional price tag.   

Integrating with IDIS’s range of network and analogue cameras and devices, as well as third-party technologies, the video wall station uses a single server and network wall controller to manage up to 12 UHD monitors as standard. The station connects up to 4,096 cameras and lets operators monitor 64 panes simultaneously, including de-warped 360-degree fisheye video.  

The solution, says IDIS, combines remote and straightforward configuration with batch firmware updates, simple role-based access management, audit trails and device health monitoring.  

The video wall station also integrates seamlessly with the enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite VMS, making it easier to expand or adapt the system as operational requirements change.  

“It’s more important than ever for organisations to enhance situational awareness while increasing efficiency,” said James Min, Managing Director of IDIS Europe. “The addition of the IDIS Intelligent Video Wall Station delivers the benefits of advanced and dynamic video wall monitoring, without the need to design and build dedicated control rooms or incur the costs of traditional VMS recurring maintenance agreements or ongoing device connection fees.”  


New airport badging solution 

A new automated credentials and badging system for airport and airline employees and contractors has been launched by Genetec. 

The company claims the solution is an industry first: a simple, out-of-the-box solution for airports that ensures compliance, simplifies the badging process and lowers the overhead needed to run a badging department. The solution reduces the need to work with multiple different systems and reduces compatibility issues, says Genetec, minimising the risk of human error, saving time and increasing efficiency.  

“To manage their badging process and employee background checks, some airports have until now had to resort to a variety of single-purpose systems, while others have opted for complex identity management systems that tend to be better suited for larger airports,” said David Lenot, Critical Infrastructure Practice Lead at Genetec. “While both options allow airports to remain compliant with regulations, these solutions present operational inefficiencies. [Our airport badging solution] helps reduce human error that can stem from managing multiple disconnected systems and avoids the complexities of large-scale identity management systems.”  

The airport badging system streamlines and automates background checks within Genetec’s Security Center unified physical security platform. With a design based on standards from regulatory bodies, security background vetting services and clearing houses, the solution helps airports deliver the required information in the correct format.  


Updated site management app 

Paxton has updated its Paxton Connect app to provide easier remote site management for buildings secured with its systems. 

The app enables users to open doors directly from their smartphones or tablets from anywhere with an internet connection. It also allows administrators to delete and edit users’ information and establish if they are safe in an emergency, by providing real-time updates and event reports on their location.  

Paxton says the app has been completely redesigned so it has a fresh look and feel, improved usability and an enhanced user experience. 

“We have listened to our installers and taken on board their feedback,” said Jeremy Allison, Senior Product Manager for Paxton Connect. “The latest version of the Paxton Connect app has been redesigned from the ground up. It provides more functionality, as well as faster connection times. This makes site management simpler and quicker.” 


Next generation IP speakers 

Zenitel has launched five ‘next generation’ IP speakers, which it says provide intelligent two-way communications and allow users to hear and be heard in any situation. 

The new line of speakers includes: 

  • Ceiling speaker for indoor use with built-in concealed microphone, enabling access to intelligent audio features and suitable for relaying voice messages and background music. 
  • Horn speaker, IP67-rated and suitable for perimeter and asset protection. 
  • Long horn speaker designed for messaging in large areas where the placing of speakers is challenging. 
  • Cabinet speaker: wall mounted and suitable indoors and outdoors, designed to blend in with its environment and suitable for voice messages and background music 
  • Projector speaker: a bi-directional speaker for areas such as corridors, halls, walkways and rail platforms.

Other features of the new series include built-in microphone for ambient listening and talk-back functionality; automatic volume control; a built-in amplifier that reduces the need for cabling; and flexible zoning to ensure that each speaker can be addressed alone or grouped to form larger zones. 

Zenitel says its use of open standards such as SIP, Multicast and RTP streaming enables easy integration, and its three modes of operation – SIP, IC-EDGE, and ICX-Alphacom – allow users to scale to current and future needs, from standalone systems to enterprise solutions. 


New features for IP intercom 

The IP Style intercom from 2N, which recently gained a CE Pro best electronics systems technologies award at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, is to have new functionality from spring 2022 in the following areas: 

  • A bidirectional video function will allow visitors to see the person they are talking to as well as vice versa. This will be suitable for smaller organisations that do not have a dedicated reception, or for office buildings that house multiple companies.
  • A QR code function will make it easier to share access data with couriers and other visitors. The details can be sent straight to their mobile and the intercom’s display guides them to present the code in the right way to gain entry.
  • The existing 5MP camera will incorporate Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies to provide full image quality and visitor identification, even in darkness or uneven lighting conditions. A camera adjustment function will be available which will further increase the angle range of the camera.

“The world of work is changing, and changing very fast,” said Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N Telekomunikace.

“It creates opportunities for us to innovate and the 2N IP Style was the obvious product to develop, because it already sets the benchmark for technological and design excellence. It also supports the latest and fastest Bluetooth-enabled mobile access technology, WaveKey, which right now has obvious appeal for both employers and employees.” 


Asset management integrates with Lenel access control 

Traka has announced that its key and asset management system has received LenelS2 factory certification as an Open access Alliance Program partner. Traka’s key and asset management system interfaces with the OnGuard control system and is said to provide seamless, single-credential access to property secured by Traka. 

“Traka has completed the required factory testing at LenelS2 to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard,” said John Marchioli, OAAP product management, LenelS2. “This partner interface provides regional security and control over important company assets. We look forward to their continued involvement in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program.”  

Wayne Stant, Product Director at Traka said: “The combination of Traka and OnGuard allows companies to control access and permissions, monitored by OnGuard, to track who checks out vital keys and equipment. It simplifies and improves security while reducing administration overhead.”   


Cloud control for video 

The newly released IDIS Cloud Manager is designed to give users enhanced control of their surveillance operations from any location, using their chosen browser and device. 

IDIS says the software comes with an intuitive interface that makes configuration and network changes easy, enabling more responsive, efficient and flexible operations.  

Organisations using end-to-end IDIS video can connect their individual sites to the cloud in four simple steps, at no additional cost, and benefit from automatic updates including new features and functions. Users can remotely set up recorders and cameras and check the status of network access for sites and devices – all from a dashboard. 

Authorised users can then securely access the system to view live or recorded video, receive alarms and push notifications, quickly screen print or backup, and export video clips. They can search up to 64 channels simultaneously via time lapse, event, text-in or simple time movement.  

Users also benefit from smooth fisheye de-warping and IDIS Smart UX Controls including ‘Sling Shot’ and ‘Rubber Band’ functions, which allow them to follow moving objects with high accuracy, panning images at different speeds and in different directions, with an option to pre-set up to 10 layouts and utilise two-way audio.  


Biometric access control integrated with Genetec Security Centre 

Suprema has announced that it has integrated its biometric access control products with Genetec’s Security Centre platform which connects security systems, sensors and data in a single interface. 

The integration allows users to verify access credentials with fingerprints and facial recognition, along with existing RFID cards and PIN numbers. Biometric data such as fingerprint and facial records can be quickly registered through either the Security Center software or Suprema’s BioStar 2 software, with all data being synchronised in real time and transmitted to a server. The integration is suitable for enterprise level use, allowing up to 1,000 devices to be connected. 

“Through this partnership, customers of both companies can more easily build and operate biometric-based security management systems,” said Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim. “We will strengthen our partnership to elevate our status as a global security leader.” 


New site management software does more  

Gallagher has released the latest version of its site management software, Command Centre, which includes an increase in the supported number of controllers and workstations, a new user interface for active directory synchronisation, easy integration with cloud technology and the ability to access Command Centre Mobile from anywhere. 

Command Centre v8.60 supports up to 10,000 controllers in a single server environment, and up to 300 client workstations connected to the server simultaneously, providing greater scalability for large organisations. 

Enhancements to AD Sync mean customers can have a new user interface that allows active directory user details to be synchronised with Command Centre – creating an easier configuration and maintenance experience, says Gallagher. Architectural changes to AD Sync have resulted in synchronisation speeds of up to three times faster than previous versions. 

The Cloud API Gateway offers simple and secure integration with third party applications via the cloud, removing the potential complexity and cost of integrating Command Centre with third-party cloud hosted services, while increasing the security of these integrations. 

Command Centre Mobile enables users to access systems from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for a corporate network or VPN.  


Serverless camera bundle for SMEs 

Designed for small to medium sized enterprises, the 3xLOGIC serverless camera bundle offers organisations that do not have support staff to maintain on-site servers and infrastructure, the opportunity to benefit from an all-in-one video surveillance solution. 

As the world moves away from on-premises servers and into the cloud, says the company, the serverless camera bundle provides an interim step offering a “per camera” alternative. Recognising that requirements change, however, it is possible to add a server if required, or transition to the 3xLOGIC cloud solution. 

Users can choose from the VISIX 5MP fixed 2.8mm lens indoor/outdoor vandal-proof mini dome and 5MP fixed 4mm lens outdoor mini-bullet cameras, which are both available in 128 GB or 256 GB storage options. Both variants feature solid state components, and they can be configured using the setup app. Remote access to live and recorded video is possible through VIGIL Client and/or the VIGIL View Lite II app. 

The VX-2M-CPIR-IAW 2MP indoor/outdoor multi-sensor cube camera with Wi-Fi features built-in PIR sensors, two-way audio and digital I/O, delivering an IP camera, alarm annunciator and audio in a single small unit.  

The 56-degree thermal imager provides enhanced detection capabilities and is suitable for environments with insufficient lighting or in areas where smoke, fog or dust are an issue. Edge-based recording software and an advanced analytics engine eliminate the need for an on-site server. The thermal imager can also monitor equipment temperatures such as generators and electrical panels to detect over-heating. 


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