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March 8, 2022


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Security products round-up – February 2022

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market across February. This month we cover the latest in access management software, CCTV systems, AI and more!

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:


Dual-path evolution with GradeShift Pro 2

As part of the DualCom Pro Range CSL has launched GradeShift Pro 2, which uses a combination of two radio paths or one radio and one LAN path to signal an alarm. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for increased resilience.   

After consultation with its customers and installers, additional features have been added to the dual-path solution.

These include: 

  • Dial capture onboard as standard 
  • 12 channels as standard 
  • The same piece of hardware as DigiAir Pro 2 
  • Ethernet socket onboard as standard for LAN connection – no adaptor needed.


New functionality for access management

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi has launched the latest update to its GARDiS integrated access management software solution.  

GARDiS v2.3 now includes: universal decode/auto detect; support for RS485 readers; the generation of First In Last Out reports to provide information on the movement of authorised persons within security zones; an extended door lockdown feature; and a data fusion and exporter function to allow closer integration with other security systems.

 Tina Baker, Software Project Manager at TDSi, said: “With GARDiS as the central hub for security operations, end users are empowered to integrate their own choices of hardware, to generate detailed reports and gain detailed insights from their security data.”  


Certification for access control products

Suprema has obtained a number of certifications for its access control products, including UL 294 compliance for its CoreStation access control panel, a certification that evaluates the safety and reliability of a product.  

Meanwhile the company’s compact outdoor RFID reader – XPass D2 – is SIA OSDP verified, meaning that the device conforms to the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol standard and the related performance profiles.

Suprema’s CEO, Hanchul Kim, said: “Suprema will continuously expand our investment in data protection by acquiring certifications to comply with the different regulations on a regional basis. Suprema will provide the most secure biometrics security solutions to the world, so that people can enjoy the convenience and safety that biometric technology provides.” 


Intercom unit transforms into smart hub and CCTV system

Internet-enabled intercoms and access control company 2N has updated the firmware of its answering unit Indoor View, to turn it into a surveillance device and a home automation control panel. 

The enhanced features mean that Indoor View can enable: 

  • Up to four IP cameras to be connected to the answering unit, turning it into a mini-CCTV system 
  • Images of everyone making calls on the intercom, including missed calls, are recorded and logged  
  • Home automation functions such as turning on lights, opening blinds and calling the lift 

Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N Telekomunikace, said: “We know from residents in luxury properties that they want their smart devices to give them enhanced security and convenience, and that they have no patience with products that don’t work well together. This upgrade has met those needs.” 


Surveillance equipment integrates with software management system

Vivotek has announced a partnership with software automation provider, Immix, in providing back-end solutions on the Immix platform. This new integration offers customers access to Vivotek NVRs and aims for flexible and user-friendly operations on video and audio management solutions. 

Immix is primarily focused on video integrations and support for intrusion detection and access control systems. Its NVRs are available in 4-, 8-, and 16-channel options with embedded PoE, requiring less hardware at each location.  

Immix CEO, Chris Brown, said: “We look forward to working with Vivotek and our jointly aligned customers to offer new solutions for managed video services that will enable pathways to success.” 


New video monitor for door entry range

Videx has introduced a new video monitor for its flagship door entry system the 6-wire VX2200, and its 2-wire video VX2300 range. 

The video monitor has a 3.5-inch TFT LCD monitor and eight soft-touch controls, four of which are programmable for features such as activating additional outputs or intercommunicating with other devices in the same apartment or other apartments. 

There are several different formats of the video monitor available, such as hands-free and with a handset, which also includes hands-free. A desk mount kit is also available for the handset version, while the hands-free version can optionally be flush-mounted. 

James Gray, National Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The new range of video monitors are easy to use and enable intuitive entry management across a wide range of properties and buildings, making them an attractive choice for door entry, both for small and larger installations.” 

Patriot One Technologies 

AI development with Canadian defence department

Patriot One Technologies has announced it has been awarded a contract by Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) to further develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled full motion video analytics application.  

The project – called RECCE – will initially be used by the DND and the Canadian armed forces to detect, classify and track, as well as geospatially and textually log, objects of interest to improve situational awareness. Patriot One will leverage the technology across its current and future product portfolio to enhance solutions for customers.  

Cornell Pich, vice president of Strategic Partnerships and Technology at Patriot One, said: “While RECCE will first be used by the Canadian government for specific projects, such as military applications and the detection, identification and tracking of objects of interest or concern, the opportunity-space for this type of AI is unlimited.”   


Enhanced features for sensors

Sensor manufacturer Optex has launched a new firmware update for its Redscan Pro LiDAR series, with a number of additional features that enhance the sensors’ functionality. 

The company says the ONVIF-compliant Redscan Pro series – which includes two models, the RLS-3060V with a range up to 30x60m, and the RLS-50100V up to 50x100m – provides highly accurate detection outdoor and indoor, without any ‘gaps’ or the detection reliability ‘fading’ with range.  

The upgraded firmware features dynamic event filtering, which allows for alerts to be configured to meet specific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection, such as a target entering a specific zone first then a second one. It allows the filtering of events to focus on what really matters to the security team.  

Masaya Kida, Managing Director of Optex EMEA, says the company remains totally committed to further enhancing its suite of detection solutions: “We are always striving to improve and enhance our solutions to meet the needs of our customers. The new and updated firmware for our Redscan Pro LiDAR series enhances its flexibility and functionality, making it the ideal solution for a wider range of applications.” 

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