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May 20, 2020

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The Video Surveillance Report 2023

Business security

Business premises security basics for 2020

Here, Dakota Murphey talks business owners through some of the basic security necessities to consider for 2020 and beyond.

Install CCTV

It is still the case that having surveillance technologies in place is one of the most vital security features for any business with physical premises. Whilst you could employ a professional security firm or even round-the-clock security staff, it can actually make a lot more sense simply to have CCTV cameras installed.

Some believe that CCTV is only useful in providing evidence after your business has been targeted by criminals. But, it actually acts as an extremely important method of deterring those criminals in the first place, while there are additional technologies, such as audio devices and AI, that can have additional advantages. Make sure that your CCTV cameras are clearly signed so that any potential criminal knows that they are being watched.

Protect your car park 

Businesses need to take extra care about the security of their car park. Modern criminals will go to extreme lengths in order to carry out crimes – and this may include surveillance of your property and staff. It is common for criminals to park in your car park and simply observe in order to learn the security protocols.

Additionally, it is increasingly prevalent that cars will be used in smash-and-grab attacks against organisations. So, it is vital that you have defences in place to protect you from both of these possibilities.

The first step is to implement barriers with code entry to restrict access to only those who know the code. The second is to put in physical barriers that can stop cars from entering.

Implement ID cards

It is now simple, easy, and extremely effective to utilise ID cards in the workplace. This is a process that takes very little work, whether you are handling it in-house or working with a professional security contractor. You can easily outsource the work, or buy a specific ID card printer which can then be used by your security team.

Your personnel (and any authorised people on your site) can be issued with ID cards, and these cards can then be used to enter the premises and move through different parts of the building. This not only ensures that no-one can enter without an ID card, it also helps you to understand who is in the building, and where.

Add access controls

If you have always worked out of a small office in the past, a single lock can be enough to provide adequate security. But in larger premises it has become absolutely essential to utilise more advanced forms of technology.

We have already discussed the concept of ID card entry systems, but you may wish to combine this with keycode doors. You could even opt for more advanced solutions such as finger-print scanners, while you may also need to think about bio-safety, due to the impact of COVID-19, in order to maintain both security and safety standards.

Promote a true security culture

Truthfully the most important security priority for your business has to be your culture. Physical security is something that each member of an organisation should take seriously. If one person is leaving doors open or not following protocols then it can endanger the rest of the business.

Staff are a key line of defences against physical intrusion into your premises. And of course, it is the case that staff should not challenge unfamiliar people directly, but they should know the correct procedures to carry out should someone be discovered on the premises.

Add motion-sensing lights

This is another simple but effective change that your business can make. Add motion-detecting lights to the exterior of your property. You might not think that this is very important but it can make a surprising difference.

Criminals who are disturbed by bright lights will often be put off trying to enter the property, and you can prevent the breach before it develops into an intrusion.

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