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January 28, 2021


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IFSEC Tech Talks: TrackTik – Mobile suite solution

TrackTik: Mobile security suite solution

IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the UK and Europe, TrackTik’s mobile suite solution offers tools to manage everything from security operations for guarding and business intelligence reporting, through to mobile patrol and dispatch. The company explains how its AI-driven technology enables security organisations to connect frontline staff, back office management and clients for improved, data-driven decision-making processes.

During the session, TrackTik provides an overview of how its mobile suite can assign and customise jobs for guarding patrols, build multiple runsheets, and more for backroom managers. The company then offers a demonstration of how patrollers can use the platform to manage their tasks and runsheets, as well as postponing or reoptimising the route, dependent on the circumstances. TrackTik also provides an example of the analytics and data its platform provides to improve services and present to clients.

In the Q&A session, questions answered by the team included:

  • What have the responses been from clients so far?
  • Does the software include employment payment functions and other HR uses?
  • Can security officers download the runsheets to devices if located at an area with poor network/Wi-Fi coverage?
  • Can you set automated reports to send to clients at the end of each day?
  • Are there different packages available dependent on company size?

Watch the video below to view the full Tech Talk!

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